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Hanoi Opera House to become an attractive destination

Updated at Saturday, 31 Dec 2016, 13:31
The Hanoitimes - The guideline of adapting master arts to Hanoi Opera House of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is not only promising to bring in a breakthrough to the traditional art, but also is expected to turn this “Art Cathedral” into an attractive destination for tourists visiting Hanoi.
“A leap” in cultural sector
To realize the guideline of making the Hanoi Operate House an attractive destination, in the weekends from August 30 to December 30, twelve theaters under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will perform high-quality art programs in this place.
According to Mr. Ha Van Sieu, Deputy Director General of the Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism, this guideline is a "leap" breakthrough in the field of culture. Since then, it helps solve the problem of cultural and economic value, including tourism economics.
Travel agents are also very delighted and support the guideline of bringing the master arts into the Hanoi Opera House to serve tourists.
Mr. Nguyen Hong Dai, the General Director of APT Travel Company, cited that in Russian Federation, ballet is performed in the Opera House and most big theaters in other countries also mainly perform traditional art works which represent their countries.
At the Hanoi Opera House
At the Hanoi Opera House
If art shows imbued with the identities are regularly performed in the Opera House to serve tourists, there will be a lot of benefits. The tourism activity not only brings in a source of revenue, but also makes contribution to the investment in the arts and promotes Vietnamese culture to international friends.
Besides, it also helps raise the advantages for Hanoi's tourism sector in particular and Vietnam in general in the fiercer and fiercer competition in the region.
“A handshake" needed
We have already seen the advantages, but to make the Opera House an attractive destination, a lot of things need to be done. According to Mr. Dai, we have museums and theaters with good programs, but we have not actively promoted for travel agents, resulting in a loose link among stakeholders.
Art products are mainly made based on the subjective idea of the theaters, so they have not really matched the tourists' taste. Therefore, the "menu" needs to be changed regularly and targets to a variety of audiences, including tourists.
The Opera House has about 300 seats in which there must be about 50-100 seats for tourists while the remaining quantity must be dedicated to the audience and those who live and work in Hanoi. “We are willing to shake hand with the Opera House to study and classify types of audience in respect of contents and tastes to create attractive shows” – Mr. Dai asserted.
Sharing the same perspective, Vice Director of Transviet Travel Company added: If we want to actively engage travel agents to participate and become a long-term bridge, when deploying the test period, the Opera House needs to issue a number of free tickets to invite enterprises to contribute opinions.
However, it is required to exactly invite tour managing and operating divisions, tour guides, etc. rather than offer free tickets to anyone. For example, Korea Republic has recently organized a tourism program through art performance, they required the travel agents to provide lists so that they could directly invite everyone. The strict control over the invited guests will bring in efficiency.
Regarding this issue, Mr. Sieu said: "Following the instruction from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism will continue to orient travel agents to design products targeting to the tangible and intangible cultural values, especially tours to the Capital City.
At the same time, there must be cooperation program between travel agents and opera houses and museums to assure that the tourism programs will be calculated in details regarding the appropriate times in the day and night.
Every program performed at the theater, its theme and display style must be associated with services, etc. All aims to meeting and satisfying the demand of "kings of business”.
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Ho
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