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"Moon Greeting in the City 2016”: the traditional Mid-Autumn impression

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The Hanoitimes - 3,000 people participated in the event "Moon Greeting in the City 2016" at the Museum of Hanoi is not the record of the traditional Mid-Autumn playground. Arrivals who are children came to "Moon Greeting in the City 2016" on September 10 to September 11 is estimated half or even double than those of the previous year.
City children still prefer "moon watching"
In the space of a few dozen hectares, the  cultural work ranked one of the world's top architecture works welcomed children with turning lamps, star light, etc. from the entrance. What is important, based on its colorful appearance, children experience many traditional games as To he modeling, basket making, tug, rope jumping, three-leg running, blindfolded and beating pots, jumping in bags and catching loaches in jars. In addition, under the guidance of artists, children themselves can made star light, turning lamp, paper mache masks, lion's head, making pies, cakes plastic, Duong Lam water donuts, Son Tay cake, etc.

Children participate in the event "Moon Greeting in the City 2016" at the Museum of Hanoi
Kids participate in the event "Moon Greeting in the City 2016" at the Museum of Hanoi
At age of 6, Huong Ly (Thanh Xuan district) selected each piece of colored paper was prepared by artisans to stick on her star light. Huong Ly's mother said: "This is the 2nd year, I took my child to join the Autumn festival in Hanoi Museum. The reason I chose this place not only its refreshing space, but the traditional Mid-Autumn game, not mixture of western and traditional style as other places. Creating a star light once per year makes my child exciting".
The night of the Mid-Autumn Festival of " Moon Greeting in the City 2016" is held on September 11. Parents and children are busy preparing for the Mid-Autumn feast together to experience of serving out a mid-autumn festival cake and fruit with community. In the evening of September 11, children can take part in lion dance, dragon dance with traditional performance by artists from Duong Lam village, Duong Lam Commune, Son Tay. Besides, children also join activities as lantern parade and  indispensable serving out Autumn feast.
Artisans create a playground name
The 78-year-old artisan Nguyen Van Quyen (Dan Vien hamlet, Cao Vien commune, Thanh Oai district) is called as the childhood keeper by children due to his guiding them to make turning lamp every Autumn occasion . Artisan Quyen said "10 years ago, the craft of making fireworks and turning lamp of Dan Vien village was thought to be "dead ". So far, on each occasion Autumn, I not only do the lights under the contract for units, but also join with the family, wife, children, cousins ​​to the Hanoi Museum, guide children to make the lights. Each occasion like this, there are 300-400 lamp made from the hands of children". Not only turning lamp, the entire folk games taken place at Hanoi Museum on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn are run by village artisans and they instruct visitors to implement. While moon cakes are made by Artisan Mai Ngoc Lan, in the 1st main courtyard of the Museum, Artisan Nguyen Duc Hoa (Hang Than street) guide children to color paper mache masks. In particular, during the second day of the festival, 27 artists made of bamboo dragon in Duong Lam was "eat, sleep and rest" at the Museum for shaping traditional dragon for children dragon greeting activity and moon watching in the evening of September 11.
Starting in 2015, " Moon Greeting in the City" has been rated as a brand name programs held by Hanoi Museum every full moon in lunar August. Trends of organizations shall be combined with cultural activities of folk traditions of Hanoi. "In recent years, we begin to care about recreation space for young children but sometimes do not attach traditional culture but modern games. For culture preservation, the heritage agencies should take the game of traditional village to introduce to children since they are still young. I think not too late for us to change the perception "- Director of the Museum of Hanoi, Mr. Nguyen Tien Da said
It is expected that by the end of 2016, the  outdoor area of ​​Hanoi Museum will be reconstructed and modeled traditional craft villages in Hanoi. "While waiting for permanent display inside the museum, then add an experience form of traditional village in Hanoi will also attract visitors to the museum", he said.
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Linh
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