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Planting trees under Hanoi's urban railway: dual benefits

Updated at Tuesday, 27 Dec 2016, 12:38
The Hanoitimes - For the plan of planting 1 million trees more in Hanoi, the Green Park One-member Company Limited has recently planted 5,000-6,000 trees more around the city, of which there are about 200 new Chieu Lieu trees (Terminalia bellirica) planted under the Cat Linh - Ha Dong urban railway.
Suitable with Hanoi urban areas
The General Director of the Green Park One-member Company Limited - Vu Kien Trung said, for planting 1 million trees more for the capital, the Hanoi People's Committee has directed the Company to review and utilize all vacant lands, put suitable types of urban trees into the nursery.
About 200 Chieu Lieu trees (Terminalia bellirica) have been planted on Yen Lang - Hoang Cau streets on the 27th night and early morning of September 28 also under that plan. Planting of Chieu Lieu or small-leave Bang (Bucida molineti) under Cat Linh - Ha Dong urban railway is the policy of the Hanoi People's Committee and has been approved by the Department of Construction.
According to scientific researches, Chieu Lieu has straight trunk with many straight branches growing oblique like the ring forming beautiful canopies; occupying little space, suitable for planting on narrow sidewalks.
Its leaves are small, single, and smooth with beautiful canopies and cause little pollution to the environment when falling down. Their flowers are small, greenish; bloom in vertical form and look quite attractive. This kind of tree likes sunlight, soft fertile and well-drained soil, so is suitable for creating shade and landscaping for urban sidewalks.

Photo for illustration
Photo for illustration
Dr. Nguyen Lan Hung - General Secretary of the Vietnam Biology Association said: " Chieu Lieu trees have small trunk with a diameter of 10 - 30cm, cascading canopy, small leaves, good tolerance to high temperatures and high winds, which is is suitable for Vietnam’s weather in general and Hanoi in particular". Dr. Dang Minh Tan - University of Transport shared that not only Vietnam but also Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. also plant these trees under urban railway to increase urban greenery. In fact, the planting and care of trees in these areas is not as complicated as people think but very well for the urban space. Dr Tan said: "I think Hanoi has a serious lack of green trees and needs to take advantage of any space for more planting as soon as possible. The planting under urban railways is also effective in saturating noises and attracting dust from high level, so helpful in reducing pollution to the surrounding space. "This will bring dual benefits for urban citizens.
Safety for surrounding environment
Regarding the worries that the tall trees can affect the elevated railway, the representative of the Green Park One-member Company Limited confirmed that the trees will be controlled in their heights and regularly pruned and he also expressed no worries on that concern: "the pruning is not only implemented for this group or this segment but also regularly and professionally implemented in the whole city from now on with the assistance of modern machines and techniques".
Related to this issue, Dr. Nguyen Lan Hung also said: "When considering whether the tree species are suitable for Hanoi urban areas or not, it is not recommended to consider their maximum height only.
Chieu Lieu trees growing in natural conditions may be over 10m high, but in urban areas with existing care techniques Hanoi may completely shift their development from height to width development, which means the care with specific procedures, controlled height, pushed canopy width, increasing coverage, more shade for the roads. And the most important thing is that the trees will certainly not have bad impact on elevated railways".
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Ngoc
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