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Prompt expansion of electronic residential areas in Hanoi

Updated at Tuesday, 27 Dec 2016, 12:38
The Hanoitimes - Online public service (OPS) of level 3 is a new model, so it is difficult to avoid obstacles when operating. There are numerous comments that instead of raising its difficulty, the units in charge should promote the propaganda to the public immediately and actively learn best practices.
The initiatives in implementation
To implement the OPS, it is required for enough equipments, software, etc. but cannot request 100% of households have a computer or a scanner to apply documents at home. The People’s Committee of Ha Dinh Ward (Thanh Xuan) identified that it is possible to create electronic residential areas (ERA) consisting of 2-3 residential groups as a bridge between the "electronic government" and "e-citizens".
Anytime they want to do a certificate for birth and death or administrative procedures (AP) for their children, they can immediately go to the nearby electronic kiosks to make, and take only one time to the one-stop service (OSS) to obtain the results.
In August 2015, Ha Dinh Ward is also the first ward of the city providing OPS of level 3 right at the residential areas for the citizen when it opened an ERA with full equipments and public process of receiving and settling the applications as well as manuals of OPS. The ERA is located at the community hall of the residential area No. 6 but the neighborhood still can come here for the transaction.
"To create ERA, the volunteers who are the citizens of the residential areas and some ward’s officials play a very important role. They do not need to be at work constantly but just leave your phone number. When the citizens come to the ERA, they will call one of four volunteers then there will be a staff to guide immediately or directly help them to apply online"- The President of the Ward People’s Committee – Mr. Nguyen Van Minh shared that they have been expanding the ERA from Ha Dinh, Thanh Xuan district to other condominiums.
In August 2015, Ha Dinh Ward is also the first ward of the city providing online public service of level 3 right at the residential areas for the citizen.
In August 2015, Ha Dinh Ward is also the first ward of the city providing online public service of level 3 right at the residential areas for the citizen.
Also being one of the pilot wards selected by the City to provide OPS of level 3 at the ward level from the beginning of 2016, Vice President of the Dai Mo Ward’s People’s Committee Ms. Dinh Thi Kim Nhung said: "If we do not take drastic measures, we will remain backward forever. However, through deployment we saw the need in carefulness in each step, each procedure; and necessary to do the easy field first, etc.” For effective propaganda to citizens about OPS of level 3, we took advantage of a team of population collaborators to give propaganda flyers to pregnant women on steps of using software in resolving AP for children. When returning the marriage certificates to citizens, our officials also attach the guidelines for online birth registration. We have also been implementing propaganda about OPS of level 3, 4 at secondary and high schools as they are "e-citizens" in the near future. Resulting from initiatives in propaganda, there have been over 40% of administrative records of OPS of level 3 at the ward applied online by citizens right at their home.
Choosing effective propaganda channels
After a simultaneous deployment of OPS of level 3 at ward in 12 districts, since October 1, 2016 the city will apply 19 AP of communal level in Gia Lam, Dong Anh, Thanh Tri, Soc Son, Hoai Duc, Ba Vi districts and since December 1, 2016 in the remaining districts. To achieve the target, the city leaders requested the districts, communes and wards to focus on extensive propaganda on the benefits of applying OPS of level 3, 4.
Sharing with the difficulties of the wards, the Deputy Director of the Department of Home Affairs – Mr. Ngo Anh Tuan emphasized: Starting any work has problems and the city is actively improving. However, the units itself also need to try their best to solve issues within their capabilities to provide strong propaganda to the citizen. For the Department of Information and Communications, it is required to refer to the model in Ha Dinh Ward or Dai Mo ward, etc. to propagate effectively on multiple channels. Specifically, it is necessary to focus on education to high school students because these citizens are about to mature and will be greatly helpful for their parents and grandparents in using OPS.
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Linh
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