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Hanoi's great efforts to construct new and repair houses for State-favored people

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The Hanoitimes - On October 13 evening, Hanoi City organized a conference on developing a plan to support the new construction and repair of houses for the State-favored people towards the 70 anniversary of the Viet Nam`s War Invalids and Martyrs Day.
Mr. Tran Thanh Binh - Head of the State-favored People's Policy Department, Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs shared about details of the support for 7,298 State-favored households.
According to the plan, from date to prior to July 27, 2017, about 7,298 State-favored households will be supported with the new construction or repair of houses, left alone arisen cases. Who will be supported and what is the supporting regime?
- According to the Decision No. 22/2013/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister, 12 objects who are State-favored households have been recognized by the competent authority, including: People who performed the revolutionary activities prior to January 1, 1945; people who performed the revolutionary activities from January 1, 1945 to August 1945; relatives of martyrs; Vietnamese heroic mothers; and heroes of the people's armed forces, etc. And implementing the Decision No. 1733 dated February 31, 2014 of Hanoi City People's Committee on approving the plan on supporting the State-favored households with the revolution on houses in the City, to date, about 7,298 households need to be supported with houses (construct 3,520 new houses and repair 3,778 houses) in which 2,839 households have constructed new or repaired houses by themselves. Recently, the City has surveyed 486 households who need support (constructing  282 new houses and repairing 204 houses), urban districts and districts will prepare the expenditures.
How is the condition of households to receive the support?
- The houses which need to be demolished to construct new need to satisfy three firm standards: Solid ground, solid frame-wall; have a minimum area of 30m2. If houses do not satisfy one of the three criteria, it must be repaired and assured solid frame, wall and roof.

Photo for illustration
Photo for illustration
The support level in case of demolition and construction new is VND 70 million/household for repairing frame, wall and replacing roof with VND 35 million/household. There are two sources of budgets for implementation: The Central Budget and the City's Budget supported 3,520 households to construct new houses with the support of VND 40 million/household and 3,778 households to repair houses with the support of VND 20 million/household and the total expenditure of VND 216,360 million. Besides, the socialized fund to supply for constructing new houses is VND 30 million/household and repairing houses is VND 15 million/household.
At present, the Department of Construction has introduced some house design model. The newly-constructed houses in urban areas include three models with one floor and the area of 20 - 30m2; the reinforced concrete foundation with bracing system; the body of the house made from full-block reinforced concrete, etc.; the construction expense of the work is about VND 103-129 million. The newly-constructed houses in the rural area also include 3 models, including 1 floor and similar design solution like houses in the urban areas, with the construction expense of VND 86 to VND 102 million. For houses with repaired frame, wall, roof - to assure the hard wall, hard roof, the expenses are VND 48-60 million. These are models for State-favored families to refer while the specific models will depend on the conditions of each household.
From date to prior to July 27, 2017, it is required to complete the new construction and repair of houses for State-favored families. Thus, how is the specific implementation plan?
- The implementation of this plan is the focus and efforts of the City. The peak of the activities will be started from October and ended prior to July 27, 2017. Along with the propagation, it is required to intensify the inspection on the implementation documents at the grassroots level.
After the conference organized by the City on October 13, the sector will instruct each urban district and district to comply with a very strict procedure. Objects who receive the support must take photos of the current status of their houses and have meeting minutes of the policy councils of the communes, wards, and summarize the list to be submitted to the urban district and district to calculate the budget and then submit to the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and Department of Finance to report to the City People's Committee to grant expenditure.
Thank you very much!
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Thuy
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