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Efforts to raise score from one-door division

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KTĐT - Determining the points that the people have not been satisfied with the provided administrative procedures to set out the feasible solutions for solving and making the district become a spotlight in solving administrative procedures of the City. This is the main target of the Project "Improving the satisfaction of the people on administrative procedure implementation in Hai Ba Trung District" presided and implemented by the Department of Justice.
Improve the infrastructure
By issuing 300 survey leaflets for objects implementing the administrative procedures at the district level and 1,000 leaflets for objects implementing administrative procedures at the ward level, the district has surveyed the people's satisfaction on many issues.
With the infrastructure of the one-door division, after the district inaugurated its new head office, the infrastructure of the one-door division is also expanded and improved. The results of the people's opinion consulting on this issue show that the opinion on "satisfied" will all criteria reaches over 50% in which 75% of the asked people are satisfied with the "publicly listing of administrative procedures”, 71.2% of the asked people are satisfied with the "temperature"; 69.2% of the asked people are satisfied with "the counters for making procedures", etc.
The Head of the district's Justice Department Hoang Thi Bich Diep commented: The new infrastructure of the one-door division has basically met the provisions in the Decision No. 07 of Hanoi People's Committee. The leaders of the District have checked and supervised the activities of the one-door division via the online camera and citizens come for transactions will be provided with automatic order number. Besides, equipment which seems to be unimportant such as tables, chairs, air-conditioners, water tanks, etc. has been fully equipped, creating a comfortable space for the citizens while waiting. If the equipment is used effectively, it will help the settlement of the work quicker and create a new face for the one-door division, which is considered as the first and visible factor for the people to assess the authority.
Illustrative image
Illustrative image

In wards, the infrastructure of the one-door division is also improved considerably to assure the adequate conditions for the citizens to make procedures such as at Quynh Mai Ward, Back Khoa Ward, Nguyen Du Ward, Dong Tam Ward, etc. Many Ward's People Committees have good area infrastructure, so the space of the one-door division is arranged very scientifically.
Improve attitude and responsibility
The attitude of each officer and staff during the process of receiving and solving documents has a great influence on the citizen's satisfaction. As a result, this factor also recorded a lot of controversial opinions, with 35.97% commented that "officers are polite”; 45.47% said "officers instruct the information declaration adequately and clearly”, etc.
However, the survey shows that the proportion of the citizens "satisfied" with the settling results of officers is just 57.42%; just 38.28% assessed "good" and 4.3% still assessed "dissatisfied”. 5.28% thought that "officers caused difficulties and troubles”; 5.72% reflected "when citizens ask, officers to not answer immediately and let them wait”. As Ms. Le Thi Hoi (Group 3B, Thanh Luong Ward) commented: “The administrative agencies have become more and more advanced in the serving, less imperious, but still make the citizens feel embarrassed when they want to conduct administrative transactions”. According to many citizens, the working style of some officers are still inflexible and have not considered citizens as "customers"; some have not been easy-going and made citizens feel comfortable, etc.
To improve the people's satisfaction on the serving quality of the administrative procedures, Chairman of Vu Dai Phong District People's Committee has recently requested: In addition to the improvement of the infrastructure, the one-door divisions of districts and wards need to propose and actively train their officers and staffs on the professional and communication skills and put the work performance assessment on solving the administrative procedures into the annual task. “Through this objective survey, officers and staffs will have an opportunity to review themselves regarding the attitude to serve the people; do not satisfy with the current situation and always have to raise the serving quality to meet the rising demand of the people. Approaching a modern administrative procedure, it is required to have both modern infrastructure and "electronic officers and staffs" and propagation to have "electronic citizens” - Mr. Phong stressed.
Translated by Anh Dat
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