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Towards E-Citizens

Updated at Friday, 30 Dec 2016, 15:21
The Hanoitimes - After 7 months of taking the program pilot, overcoming initial concerns, with careful steps but drastically, Level 3 public service systems applied 24/24 districts of Long Bien and Nam Tu Liem district has officially was opened.
This could be a breakthrough in administrative reform of the Capital, and become more meaningful when the Program 08-CTr/TU just issued has identified that the whole city would provide 40-50% of Level 3-4 online public services in all departments, district and commune levels at the end of 2017.
The City Leader’s determination in strengthening the application of information technology (IT) to reform administrative procedures (AR) seen from the deed of Hanoi Committee’s Chairman directly acted as the leader of IT Program through this progress.
The City leader also decided to bring IT application norms on competition - reward criteria, as regular contents to guide, manage and require the departments and districts to strengthen Level 3 online public service duty (OPS Level 3).
With OPS Level 3, citizens can register online anytime, anywhere and be supported information online; State agencies can make the most of population data and thereby, significantly reducing the information that people must provide when implementing admin procedures (AP).
The software application connecting sectors also helps shorten the time of paper work. Typically, the authorities of Long Bien district after “rebooting” the system, has significantly reduced processing time, citizen save time from paper work and paper documentation. Implementing Joint Circular 05 on inter AP, the district reduced the time of paper work from 20 days to 5 days only, citizens instead of submitting documents in 3 places, they only submit once to the District People Committee with one dossier.

Illustrative image
Illustrative image

In the long term, the deployment of ward-leveled OPS Level 3 formed the basis of e-citizen and e-data of citizens. When personal information "enter the data base”, each time citizens want to make relevant records, it is not necessary to submit original documents to compare, no more "back-up" whenever citizens need to notarize birth certificate with dozens of ready-made duplicate; leader in wards do not have to stay late after working hour for signing stacks of copies, etc. Time, effort and money are saved remarkably.
The City Leadership's determination to bring the maximum benefit to citizens as demonstrated at the opening ceremony of ward leveled OPS system, the head of the City authority said frankly, "Hanoi is following the roadmap of Australia - one of the countries providing the best OPS in the world, but with the as-built infrastructure, I believe we shall finish faster than what Australia accomplished 5 years ago". Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung also highlighted “it is needless to "wait" 100% of communes and wards to fluently operated OPS system Level 3, right now, it should pilot immediately OPS system Level 4; until December 2016, simultaneously 586 communes and wards can provide OPS system Level 3 to citizens and reach some OPS system Level 4". The Chairman also requested from Department directors and District’s chairpersons to directly act as Head of PAR and IT program locally. At the beginning of August 2016, the People’s Committee will use pilot e-office with staff working on smartphone or iPad instead of paper.
Thanks to the firm guide of the City leader and joint determination of the agencies, we do not see a situation of " do at my own discretion and preference," hopefully, OPS and IT systems of the whole city will connect those of each commune and ward where highest beneficiaries are citizens dealing with most common administrative registration of births, deaths, permanent address registration, etc.
Linh Chi - Nguyen Thoan
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