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Dao Ethnic people in Ba Vi devoted for traditional medicine

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The Hanoitimes - Traditional medical treatment long-term attached to the livelihoods of Dao Ethnic in Ba Vi Commune, Ba Vi district. Through esoteric remedies of his own peoples, Dao people accumulated experience to draw medication and treatment for patients throughout the area
Keeping a noble career of the nation
Ba Vi is a mountainous commune located in Ba Vi district with 98% of the population is Dao people. Implementing the policies and guidelines of the Party and State's policies, Dao people gradually transferred their shifting cultivation to stable life and economic development.
However, Dao people did not separate from a traditional craft of their grandfathers is medicines. They made medicines, firstly aimed to heal their peoples, and then cure for everyone. It cannot be denied that Dao people have this ability thanked to the legacy of traditional knowledge of their peoples, as well as traditional experience legacy of the clans.
To search rare herbs hidden deeply in high mountains, Dao people must climb and swim through in deep forests and mountains. Medicine career to maintain and develop is not just the use of herbal drug, but also the search of medicinal herbs, processing, diagnostics and prescriptions.
Therefore, it is required that Dao people did their best effort, meticulousness in all stages. The search of medicinal plants play a partial role in success of a pharmacist and a doctor who have the ability to search for possible sources of good medicinal herbs can have better medical conditions.
During the preparation, the doctor must be careful at every stage. Medicinal herbs after being harvested will be cut into different sizes based on specific use purpose. Next, the herbs will be washed and dried but still fully guarantee their use. After this stage, the herbs will be kept and packaged carefully.
Photo for illustration
Photo for illustration
Dr. Trieu Thi Dung, at Hop Son hamlet, Ba Vi commune, said: "This traditional prescription is handed down by my parents. Source of medicinal herbs come naturally in the forest. I myself continue to plant and harvest, which need stirred then stir, which need to dry then dry naturally, without any preservatives. "
As generation-to-generation experience of Dao people, the drug is used in common ways as "medicine stirring" to drink and "medicine bath" to bath. Nowadays, with restless learning and improvement of remedies esoteric ethnic, Dao people researched over 100 medicinal plants to invent some kind of unguent which can cure different diseases.
There are many effective remedies ready-to-use conveniently while maintaining their use. Well-experienced herbalist Dr. Trieu Thi Thanh who was named as "Doctor of the villagers", said: "To cook a pot of unguent, it is required to use over 100 medical herbs.
Today, I went out searching some, which found first, cook first, one by one until fully cooked over 100 kinds of medical herb. Each unguent can cure several different diseases such as anemia, liver, stomach, numbness, rheumatism and it was considered as a tonic. "
Earn for living by medicine career
Previously, customarily Dao People made prescription to save people without taking money, the person who got better to express their gratitude should send agricultural products to the doctor. For them, the cure must start from the heart of doctor.
As a result, the doctors here were respected by not only their treatment experience, but also community-devoted actions. Bring desire of healing people with medical herbs, Dao people went everywhere to save the patients from Cao Bang, Hung Yen, Hoa Binh, Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, etc. then to farther places as Hochiminh City.
Now, as the reputation of medical herbs by Dao people in Ba Vi has spread wide, their career is well known and trusted. Dao doctor in Ba Vi besides just sold herbs at home, also provided Oriental pharmacies directly and did the diagnosis and treatment for many people. Since then, the medicine career gradually became a livelihood.
The life of the Dao people in Ba Vi also became stable and better off. Thanks to traditional medicine trade, many households could build houses and buy appliances and furniture.  Accordingly, the number of poor households in Ba Vi has been reduced significantly.
With a "visionary" experience of people who lived their whole life with deep mountains and forests, Dao people noticed that natural harvesting could not provide demands of medicine harvesting. It also means that the traditional medicines could be at risk of being perished.
Acknowledging the fact, Dao doctors daily, besides collecting medicinal herbs in nature also actively build herbal gardens to serve resources and maintain career development. With attention directed by the local authorities, Ba Vi currently planned 5ha forestland for medical herb cultivation and processing.
Yen Son hamlet was recognized as “the Village of medicine herbs." Dao Community in Ba Vi participated actively in the training activities, enhanced their knowledge and sense of responsibility for the local people.
However, what most concerns and the legitimate aspirations of the Government and local people is how can we conserve medicinal plants, which have not imported outside to cure patients.
Chairman of Ba Vi People’s Committee, Mr. Duong Trung Lien said "To maintain, develop and preserve herbs, local government has directed the conservation of herbs to each family. Of which, a movement of medicinal herbs planting by the whole citizens was launched.
At present, the commune had developed 5ha medical herbs, which especially supported by local people and members of the Association of Oriental Medicine. In addition, the local government has also proposed the City to establish a project to support production and caring for medical herbs for more stable job to local people ".
Self-healing and healing people as well as the promotion of esoteric remedies of Dao people so that the use of medical herbs could be known largely is the right direction of Dao people in Ba Vi. Thereby, warm-hearted doctors in Ba Vi commune have increasingly become trusted doctors of many patients everywhere. With these simple and effective remedies, Dao people in Ba Vi have contributed to activities of community health care.
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Nguyen
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