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Souvenir money with denomination of VND100

Updated at Wednesday, 06 Apr 2016, 14:09
The Hanoitimes - According to information from the State Bank of Vietnam, The bank will release by the kind banknote with VND100 denominations in the coming time.
This kind of money will not be valid for payment, circulation which will be released to celebrate 65th year anniversary of the State Bank of Vietnam (May 6; 1951 – May 6; 2016). In addition, the souvenir banknote will be officially released on the occasion of the anniversary foundation of the State Bank on date May 6; 2016 the next time.
Front of the souvenir money
Front of the souvenir money
In reality, there were many countries in the world had issued by the kind of money like this to souvenir for their national traditional currency. Besides, in order to serve the needs for the collectors are individuals or organizations.
This was the 2nd time that the State Bank of Vietnam held to printing of the souvenir money. The kind for previously printed souvenir banknotes to denominations by VND 50 is issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the State Bank of Vietnam (1951-2001).
Back of the souvenir money.
Back of the souvenir money.
The State Bank of Vietnam having advocates to release on the market in the near future of this kind of money and will cost VND 20,000 / sheet (single sheet) and VND 25.000/ sheet (Folder sheet enclosing by the bilingual notes of Vietnamese - English). The State Bank with other commercial banks in the country will prepare consistent each other to sale out 2 kinds of money in the extensively system to serve the needs with individuals and organizations.
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