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Am Tien Cave mystery

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The Hanoitimes - Hanoitimes - Being located in the relic of Hoa Lu ancient capital, Am Tien Cave is surrounded by mountains like heaven on earth containing mysteries.

When coming to Am Tien Cave, tourists can not resist the beauty of a serene but full of enchanting cave. You will feel like stepping through “gate of time” and getting lost in a wonderful heaven. Firstly, tourists will catch the scence of a green lake – the lake with see-through water. Trees planted intermittently beside the lake changes their leaves every seasons, which makes the site become more charming. Am Tien Cave Pagoda is located in a valley, surrounded by moutains and almost separated from the outside world. That old and ancient pagoda reflecting in the water surface, which is outstanding in a beautiful watercolor painting of moutains surrounded.
Am Tien cave
Am Tien cave
Am Tien Cave faces the West, from the gate of the cave to the sunset direction is a huge lake called Ao Giai. To get to the main hall, you have to step over 210 stone steps, in the solitude wind and the feeling of mysterious history will come to your soul. Time has ruined many ancient vestiges, but before the gate, temple bell, three ancient stones engraved contributions to build the temple from hundred years ago have been still preserved. Many visitors have come here and thought that this place looks like the scene in an old action movie.
Looking at it from a far away place, the cave has a form like dragon- mouth shape, which is the reason why people also call it Hang Rong (Dragon Cave). Many stalactites have the shape of a paddy, a money tree, a buddha’s hand fruit, a lotus hanging down with drops of water.
Look down from Am Tien Cave, visitors will see the enormous panorama of the majestic landscape with high mountains and green lake stretching out to the horizon. You will feel the sacred asmosphere of a historic time, especially. Historically, this place is where King Dinh Tien Hoang had built the execution ground to give punishments to crimes and this is also where the temple Queen Duong Van Nga leading to religious life was located. In addition, in the area, there are Muoi cave, Tien cave ... where the King kept food and treasure for our country in Dinh-Le dynasty.
With amazing beauty and mysteric history, although Am Tien Cave has not officially become a site for tourism, it still attracted a numberous visitors to explore and enjoy.
Translated by Ngoc Anh
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