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Working together to pursue the development path with in-depth integration

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The Hanoitimes - Every Vietnamese is looking forward to the 71th Anniversary of National Day on September 2 with their own expectations, but above all, they are hoping about the better prospect of the country compared to what Vietnam has achieved. The whole country tries its best and works together to pursue the development path with a mind of the in-depth integration.
Outstanding milestones
71 years ago, on September 2 at Ba Dinh Square, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence to give birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and from the milestone of 71 years ago, the Vietnamese are proud of the achievements the country has made, particularly after nearly 30 years of renovation, socio-economy, security, defense, etc. all "fronts" are developing with good prospects and the position of Vietnam in the international arena is increasingly improved.
It can be said that the combined strength of the country has increased, creating new position and strength to continue developing the country with good prospects. These achievements have supported the nation to firmly move forward on the integration path and make further development.
Reviewing the achievements of the country, many researchers pointed out that before the August Revolution, the country had only 200 factories with 90,000 workers; industrial products were not diversified in category and even low in quantity. To date, there have been nearly 500,000 businesses, including many groups, big corporations in addition to more than 4.2 million other business establishments in Vietnam. Industrial products have been multiplied in category and multiplied in quantity. The trade used to be small and scattered but thousands of supermarkets, commercial centers have been established so far. In 1986, Vietnam only established trade relations with 43 countries, but to date, Vietnam has established trade and investment relations with over 200 countries and territories.
Photo for illustration
Photo for illustration
After 71 years, the economic growth has been basically in harmony with the cultural development, human development, progress and social justice. Socio-economic infrastructure has developed quite rapidly with many modern works, creating a new face for the country.
Those who experienced a 30-year renovation also find hard to imagine the development pace of the current modern works. Mr. Pham The Duyet, former secretary of Hanoi Party Committee told that: in Hanoi alone, there was only Thang Loi Hotel qualified to welcome the international visitors in the first years of renovation. However, ten years later in 1996, there were nearly 20 big hotels from 3-star hotels to 5-star hotels in Hanoi. It is impossible to count all large-scale works.
The development of Belt No.1, 2, 3 and the capital planning; planning industrial parks such as Sai Dong B, A, Noi Bai, Bac Thang Long, etc. have really created a new face for the Capital in particular and the country in general. Moreover, the progress, social justice, cultural development and the development of new rural area have gained significant achievements. The poverty rate has fallen sharply to below 6%. More than 98% of households have accessed the national grid, etc. it is not easy.
41 years after the war and after 30 years of renovation, Vietnam has forwarded a long way on the path of integration and development. Vietnam is now a part of the global economy with a total export value of nearly US$ 300 billion that is as about 1.5 times as GDP of Vietnam.
ietnam has established economic and trade relations with most of the world economies and is an attractive destination of investors from more than 100 countries and territories with approximately 20,000 projects.
“After 30 years of renovation, the country’s achievements are great. The country has comprehensively developed in all fields, above of all is the maintenance of independence, freedom, political stability, and peaceful life. Many heads of other countries state can leisurely walk in the early peaceful morning when vising our country. That image is very rare abroad. However, Vietnam has done and created the trust for international friends.” Lieutenant General Nguyen Quoc Thuoc, former commander of Military Region 4 affirmed.
And integration determination
As commented by many experts, renovation is also a way of in-depth international economic integration on several levels, diverse in form and in accordance with the principles and standards of the global market. 71 years is an important historical period having great significance in the development of Vietnam, marking the growth in all aspects of the Party, the State and the People.
2016 is a year marking an important stage of the development process, the final year of a meaningful 30-year renovation journey and the year of the active implementation of the ASEAN Community and synchronous implementation of bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements, in-depth integration; as well as the first year of the implementation of the socio-economic development plan in the 2016-2021 period.
According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - Rector of the University of Economics and Business (Vietnam National University, Hanoi): It can be said Vietnam has started the international integration for a long time, but the real integration into the world economy has just taken place after the 6th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam in 1986, and especially after the milestone that Vietnam became a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 1995.
With the about 20-year integration journey, Vietnam has established trade relations with over 200 countries and territories and had taken deeper participation in the global value chain. Vietnam is considered as an open economy and is one of the countries with a relatively high level of integration in the world.
This reflects a general trend in the world is the trend of integration and globalization, and also reflects the policy of Vietnam on the active integration into the international economy and the regional economy in the spirit of maximizing internal resources, improving the efficiency of international cooperation, etc.
It can be said that integration trend is seen in all fields and industries, not only in economy but also in education, health, agriculture, etc.
The ministries have actively and proactively internationally integrated in which the international economic integration is the focus in the spirit of Resolution No.22/NQ-TW dated April 10, 2013 of the Political Bureau on the international integration. Even in Hanoi, with the determination to take the lead in the integration process, Hanoi has reviewed, revised and promulgated mechanisms and policies to encourage the development in order to create a favorable environment for the businesses to implement the business and investment activities.
According to the Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue: in 2015, we have gained a lot of important free trade agreements. For all major economic partners, Vietnam has established the trade relations such as the entire G7, most of the economies in the G20 and major strategic partners of Vietnam. Through the negotiations, the core benefits of Vietnam are achieved in accordance with the direction of the Central Committee and the Government.
However, the difficulties and challenges are not over. We have achieved many accomplishments, but if we are content with the achievements, we will be lagged behind. In comparison with the development level of the world, Vietnam's development level is low. “Currently, Vietnam ranks 14th in the world in terms of population but the economic scale of Vietnam only ranks 48th and per capita GDP of Vietnam ranks 133th.. We have to try very hard to narrow the gap with the world, a requirement for Vietnam after 71 years of independence”, said Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.
As the head of the highest state administrative agency in this period, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized he and the government collective would inherit and promote the achievements of 30-year renovation; take a full use of the opportunities and advantages; overcome the limitations and weaknesses; overcome difficulties and challenges; make efforts to develop a Tectonic government, integrity, aggressive action, serving the People; work with the entire Party, the people and the army to step up the renovation process, successfully implement the socio-economic development goals and tasks in the next 5 years and create conditions for the further sustainable development in the future.
For the people welcoming the National Day, they also hope that with the promotion of the socio-economic achievements over the past 71 years, in the next time, Vietnam affirms to continue perfecting the institutions, promoting the industrialization and modernization of the country associated with the building of the socialist-oriented market economy; Proactively make international integration to accelerate the industrialization and modernization and enhance the national competitiveness, but still prevent, mitigate the negative impact of the international integration process.
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Tran
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