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Exciting Sign for Vietnamese arts

Updated at Monday, 27 Mar 2017, 14:36
The Hanoitimes - The “Bunny Girl” by a young painter, Nguyen Phan Bach, reached the rate of 25,000 at USD the Chon Auction House, which shows that Vietnamese paintings are drawing more attention worldwide.
Why has it to be the price of $25,000?
The second auction session at the Chon Auction House excitedly saw the presence of Christopher, CEO of Playboy in Vietnam. As a financial tycoon, it came as no surprise when Christopher won the painting “Bunny Girl” at a record bidding price of $25,000 after several competitive bidding.
The painting Bunny Girl.
The painting Bunny Girl.
“Bunny Girl” is one in a series of limited 6 works painted by Nguyen Phan Bach (a son of the well-known writer, Nguyen Huy Thiep). The series is also introduced at Saatchi Gallery in London, which of them now belongs to a arts collector in London. “Bunny Girl” depicted a naked Asian girl wearing a rabbit mask and her right hand placed on a lamp. According to Eastern semiology, besides the meaning of light, the lamp is said to represent both the illumination for the path and the symbol of time. Time always goes by and the mankind always comes up with cutting-edge invention. No matter which century we are living in and how modern it is, the lamp with its Confucian value of light, illumination, faith and hope, will be always retained in the heart of the Eastern. “I feel the depth of this work of art. It is an intersection of Western and Eastern cultures”, said Christopher.
The Bunny Girl reached the price of 25,000 USD.
The Bunny Girl reached the price of 25,000 USD.
It has to be said that Playboy brand and the logo of a rabbit has become one of the most impressive and influential designs in the history of graphic design and advertisement. Playboy’s culture with its symbol, commodities, entertainment forms can be found everywhere, which is becoming more and more appealing to the Vietnamese in general. That’s, perhaps, the reason why Christopher stated that the work bears the cultural symbol of Playboy so it must belong to Playboy.
A Professional Collector
The event organization of Chon Auction House is assessed to be quite professional in spite of some minor lacks. It turns out that the wave of investment into arts works is spreading in Vietnam. Most remarkably, all 15 works of 10 painters were sold successfully to arts investors, collectors and lovers from both at home and abroad within 2 hours at the auction. Peter Ryder, a Western collector and the General Director of Indo Capital Fund, successfully bought 3 works by Nguyen Trong Khiem, Dinh Quan and Cao Thuong respectively. Christopher, CEO of Playboy in Vietnam, won over the painting “Bunny Girl” by Nguyen Phan Bach. There are many Vietnamese financial and banking tycoons or young arts collectors attending the auction such as Ngo Tuong Tuyet Ngan (who won the work “Bữa ăn gia đình” by Nhu Y); a business woman Lan Vu (who won the work “Khôn cùng” by a famous artist, Pham Luc). What an exciting news for Vietnamese arts!
Translated by Lan Huong
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