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About VND 23,000 billion is planned to be sorted out for Long Thanh airport site clearance

Updated at Thursday, 17 Aug 2017, 16:09
The Hanoitimes - According to preliminary survey and the latest unit price update of Dong Nai People`s Committee, the total cost of site clearance and resettlement of Long Thanh airport construction is about VND 23,000 billion or slightly over one billion USD.

On June 19 afternoon, the National Assembly approved a resolution to make compensation, support and resettlement a separate project for the construction of Long Thanh International Airport .

Accordingly, the area of ​​land acquired includes: land area of ​​Long Thanh International Airport Project (5,000 ha) and land area for construction of resettlement areas, cemetery area and area of works for resettlement. The land acquisition must ensure social security, stability of the life and production of people affected by the Project; guaranteeing security, social order and safety.

Based on preliminary survey and the latest unit price update of Dong Nai People's Committee, the total estimated budget for site clearance includes building infrastructure for 2 resettlement areas and cemetery is about VND 23,000 billion”, said Chairman of the Economic Committee of the National Assembly Vu Hong Thanh in the explanation, and revision of this draft resolution.

The state budget has allocated VND 5,000 billion in the medium-term public investment plan for site clearance, meeting only 21.7% of the demand. "After the National Assembly approves the project separation, the Government will instruct the relevant agencies to prepare a study report on the feasibility of separate project and develop a detailed site clearance plan to determine the total official investment."said Mr. Thanh.

For the land area that has been cleared but still without infrastructure built in it, the National Assembly Standing Committee also hinted that the land should be supervised closely to avoid encroachment, fallow and land wasting and request the Government to clarify this content in the study report on the feasibility of the project.

National Assembly deputies voted for the Resolution.
National Assembly deputies voted for the Resolution.

On the afternoon of the same day, with the majority of votes, the National Assembly passed the Resolution on approving the budget balance in 2015 with the budget deficit at 6.28%. In particular, the Resolution also assigned the Government to review the responsibility, strictly and promptly punish agencies and individuals that commit acts of law violation in the management and administration of the State budget and specifically report the list, degree and handling of wrong acts to the National Assembly".

In addition to the concerns about the increased budget deficit and the impact of public debt, the National Assembly Standing Committee proposed that the Government should have a solution to calculate the GDP growth close to the reality and the execution of budget should closely follow the estimation. The Government should increase the revenues, reduce expenditures, and prioritize to reduce the State budget deficit to ensure it remains within the cap determined by the National Assembly (both absolute and percentage of GDP).

The government should keep the deficit under the public debt ceiling to ensure national financial security. At the same time, the NA requested the Government to take into account the feedback of the deputies and make a brief report to the National Assembly at its fifth session (May 2018) on the wrong doings of state agencies and individual committing violations in the management and administration of the State budget in the two years, 2014 and 2015.

Also at this session, the National Assembly passed the Law on Technology Transfer (amended); Law on Irrigation; Law on Tourism (amended).

Thanh Huyen
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