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Govt. issued plan for bringing tourism to spearhead economy

Updated at Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017, 13:35
The Hanoitimes - The Vietnamese Government issued an action plan to transform the tourism sector into the country’s economic engine, following the Poliburo’s resolution to pursue that goal.
Illustrating images.
Illustrating images.
The plan includes eight core objectives aimed at involving the public in the tourism development and promoting   Vietnam and its people in the international community. It  also requires the sector to make various adjustments in order to better adapt to the global market, especially localities with great potential for tourism. Provincial governments were tasked with reviewing their tourism strategies and marshaling all available resources to boost the sector’s development.
Central government agencies are urged to speed up the implementation of the country’s Law on Tourism, which encourages investment in the sector and to improve the country’s human resources in the tourism industry.
The plan also stresses the importance for the agencies to conduct administrative reforms, in order to facilitate the implementation of major tourism projects across the country and to simplify the country’s existing immigration and investment laws. Such reforms will help fuel future growth in the industry, the plan suggests.
Stronger infrastructure, the plan says, will provide a foundation for the tourism industry’s continued growth. Numerous projects are including highways, seaports, airports, and railway are to be completed in the next few years.
The country will continue its “open sky” policy and sky freedom  , which allows domestic and international airlines   to easily establish new air routes and better utilize existing ones. The plan also places great importance in solving bottlenecks and overcrowding at Vietnam’s airports, which has become an increasingly alarming issue in recent years.
Government agencies were asked to join efforts and to implement new media strategy to improve Vietnam’s international tourism brand recognition and positioning.
The plan also emphasizes the government’s commitment to ensure security, fairness, and transparency in tourism activities. Tourism enterprises are encouraged to innovate and diversify their products and services, especially in promoting the country’s cultural heritage and numerous handicraft villages.
D. Tung - Tuyet Nhung
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