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Resignation rules should be "normalised", says official

Updated at Tuesday, 04 Nov 2014, 16:13
The Hanoitimes - Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong, in an interview on November 3, answered questions pertaining to resignation rules for state officials, especially ministers.

Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong

Being a minister yourself, what do you think about the proposal to create detailed rules for resignations, which are aimed at increasing the level of responsibility for the executive body?

We should accept resignations as a rule of social norms. It should be looked at it the same way with a vision towards the future. Some officials may resign due to promotions or new assignments. They may also resign for other reasons, such as their capacity or professional differences. In any case, officials should be allowed to resign because it doesn't mean the choice came from a limited capacity or ethics violations.

I think this should be stated in the laws on Organisation of National Assembly, the People's Court or the People's Procuratorate. Resignation is a normal career move in this sector, and this fact should be recognised by the law.

Do you think that a resignation rule would make high-ranking officials more responsible?

In fact, it's not only government officials, but many deputies in the national assembly have not competently fulfilled their jobs. We should not differentiate between these two bodies in terms of their responsibility.

Actually, resignation rules do not exist in many countries, because this is placed in the sphere of public ethics. In Vietnam, the party manages and trains officials, which means if an official resigns, he or she must report back to the party.

Resignations of officials in other countries have frequently involved scandals. This seems like an easy out for those officials who would rather resign than be publicly embarrassed. Why is it that more Vietnamese officials do not choose this option?

Simply because of how we assign power. I'm just the minister of justice; justice issues in localities are not actually under my jurisdiction. The registrar of civil registration in any given commune is the helper of the communal chairman, not my subordinate. The leaders there have full power and have to take full responsibility. I think we have to synchronize our system.

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