Sunday, 19 Nov 2017
The pristine beauty of Daisy is glowing in Hanoi's winter
Updated at Wednesday, 30 Nov 2016, 15:09
In the balmy weather, Hanoi becomes gentle, leisurely by the apperance of small white flowers called "Cuc hoa mi" (the Daisy). In Western countries, the Daisy is also called Baby's pet or Bairnwort which means children's flower. A special feature of this flower is that it blooms in the morning light and shuts off when the sun sets, so it has another name is "eye of day." 

Around November every year, Daisies have been blooming. And when this kind of flower is brillantly blooming to show its pristine white beauty across Hanoi's streets, it means Winter comes.

The following photos help readers to admire some beauty of the Daisy:

By Anh Kiet
(Photo: Pham Hung -
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