Sunday, 19 Nov 2017
Fascinated with ancient architecture in Cu Da ancient village
Updated at Wednesday, 07 Dec 2016, 16:06
With dozens of antique houses in northern plains, interleaved with the houses designed in French colonial architecture, Cu Da ancient village (Cu Khe Commune, Thanh Oai District, Hanoi) makes any visitor fascinated.

About 20km to the west far from the center of Hanoi, Cu Da villager owns an unique cultural space. Not only the house with three compartments, five compartments, Cu Da ancient village also has French-style double-decker houses that were built a hundred years ago. The village remains the old trees, pavilion, temple, village entrance, the old house and so on, that make tourist feel like going back hundreds of years. 

The structure of the village is planned in the form of fish bones, large village roads radiating from dozens of small alleys and led into the neighborhood. Nhue River used to be a place bustling with trade. In the village, most of the houses are western style or a combination of East-West style.

Cu Da ancient village is a tourist destination in Hanoi for those who love to learn architecture or want to learn about the history of Vietnam, the traditional villages or simply coming here to have moments of dropping soul under the peaceful views, feel that time likes as standing back.

By Tuan Minh
(Photo: Hong Hanh -
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