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Impressive architectures should be explored when visiting Hanoi
Updated at Wednesday, 04 Jan 2017, 17:11
Hanoi is full of beautiful French architecture. Within easy walking distance from Sword Lake, the tree lined avenues of the French Quarter and the narrow streets of the Old Quarter are home to some of the best buildings in the city.

For most visitors to Hanoi, the sheer volume of Ochre coloured French era villas and houses is a real surprise. You expect the odd building, but at every turn you seem to catch a glimpse of a gabled roof, a shuttered window or an Art Deco column.

Once you have got your eye in, the hunt for French Hanoi can dominate whole weekends, unearthing architectural gems hidden in the maze of back streets that dominate the city. Regardless of your personal opinion of Art Nouveau or Art Deco architecture, the crumbling magnificence of these buildings has an allure like no other.

As an administrative centre for French Indochina, Hanoi became a symbol of imperial domination – both cultural and political. As with all imperial ventures, the best way to express this ‘superiority’ was through architecture. Some of the most iconic symbols of the city are distinctly French.

If you want to spend holidays with your close friends or family at a nice place in the Capital city, here’s a good choice for top destinations:

1. Turtle Tower

2. Hanoi Opera House

By Anh Kiet
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