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Hang Ma Street is bustling in Tet Holiday
Updated at Thursday, 26 Jan 2017, 05:58
Hang Ma is the place to go around festival times as it sells whatever’s relevant to that season: at the moment it’s the place to go for Tet Holiday.

“Ma” refers to the paper replicas of items that you’ll see people burning to send to those in the afterlife, such as money and household items. Even outside of festivals it’s a colourful street for a wander, full of bright red lanterns, balloons, tinsel, ribbons, cards and wrapping paper.

Hang Ma street is the center of Hanoi Old Quarter, specializing in votive, paper crafts and home decorations. Thousands of products sold in the street. Each spring festival came about, it is always filled with a red and gold shimmering characteristic of the Lunar New Year.

The envelopes (to give lucky money), red couplets, lanterns, decorative paper, paper caps ... and amuse everyone all decorations, decorate home in the new year are here. Hang Ma street is also one of the places photographed for Festival is ideal of many young - love.

Hang Ma street is also known for its excellent architecture is tubular. Tubular length, width is limited, but the people in the old town has created space in, worship, rest, production and trade fair. However, there is space to put all natural - fresh air to come inside the house.

Hang Ma is one of the busiest shopping street in Hanoi typical of past and present. Especially on holidays, New Year, the city really become a city of sound, color, light and folk sexism spirituality of the East.

In Tet Holiday, Hang Ma Street is bustled with sellers and buyers, tourists are taking photos from morning to night. Hang Ma is considered the busiest street and the most colorful in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, especially on holidays.


By Anh Kiet
(Photo: Pham Hung -
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