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Quang An Flower Market is busiest in days of Tet
Updated at Friday, 27 Jan 2017, 03:18
Quang An Flower Market (Tay Ho, Hanoi) is the wholesale markets specializing in providing flowers for the Capital of Hanoi and neighboring provinces.

This is the proof that Hanoi is not just about food and "bia hơi", but also about amazing flowers. Anyway, this is one of the places that could bring Hanoi experience to a whole new level with the breathtaking beauty and awesomeness it offers. 

Started out as a wholesale market for the city's flower traders, the market has gained popularity among the Hanoians over the years with its cheap price and large variety of flowers. However, it remains a wholesale market, which means it only operates from 12am till 6am. That might be a pain in the ass if you want to visit this place during winter, but suck it up, the experience is worth the pain. I am going to spare my words describing this place for its beauty is ineffable. 

Best yet, go clubbing till (almost) dawn, take a ride to this place, let the breeze on Yen Phu cool you down, buy shitload of flowers, have a nice hot bowl of noodle in Pho Thin (Sword Lake), go home and sleep like the happiest person on Earth. Trust me, you can't miss this!

Closer the Tet (lunar new year day), Quang An Flower Market seems busier and merrier, not only flower-dealers buy flowers for resale, many just come to see and enjoy Tet atmosphere. On 28th or 29th of lunar December, it’s icy cold in the open, but the market gets crowded right from early hours (2 or 3am). Beautiful flowers of all species will make you fascinated, not only flowers, everything related to flowers can be found here (decorative papers, coloured strings...), from low-price to most expensive flowers, from home-grown to imported ones...


By Anh Kiet
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