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The unique architectural beauty of Ba Tam Temple
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The relics of Ba Tam Temple and Pagoda (Gia Lam District, Hanoi) is not only famous for the virtue of Imperial Concubine Y Lan, but also for the unique royal architecture of Ba Tam Temple in peaceful and pure atmosphere.

The temple is one of the temples worshipping the Imperial Concubine Y Lan. She is one of the prominent women in the history of Vietnam who was 2 times regency and has many contributions to the country. Built in the late 11th century in the royal architectural style of Ly reign, this temple not only is the largest temple worshipping the imperial concubine Y Lan but also is ranked the oldest temple in Vietnam.

The history has it that King Ly Thai Tong was unable to have his own son up to the age of 40, therefore, he paid visit to Dau pagoda in Bac Ninh to pray for a child. Knew the news, the villagers held the festival to welcome the King. The escort of the King attracted the attention of people. When he passed the Tho Loi village, he lifted the curtain to admire the landscape. From a distance, he saw a girl of commoner origin leaning on an orchid tree and paid no curiosity to the escort of the King like others. The King went to ask the reason. The girl was pretty, fluent repartee, smart and gentle. He love and decided to choose this girl as his imperial concubine. He took the image of the first meet as the title of imperial concubine. So the contemporaries and posterity call her as Imperial Concubine Y Lan.

Unlike other wives of the King, Y Lan did not get the sumptuous beauty or the capture of the King made significant feelings, she paid special attention to the work of the court. She spent much time to follow the state affairs, read books. So just a short time, Y Lan had profound knowledge in many aspects. Courtiers respected her as a talented person. 

In 1069, King Ly Thanh Tong personally led a military against the kingdom of Champa and left the regentship for Y Lan. In the same year, Dai Viet was unfortunately flood, wiped out crops; hungry people rebelled in many places. This was a big challenge for the female regent, but thanks to the strategic ability, Y Lan assumed the responsibility for the work of the country. 

The temple of Imperial Concubine Y Lan is considered the oldest and scared temple of Vietnam worshipping the talented and virtuous woman of Vietnamese nation. This is also a tourist attraction appealing numerous tourists to Hanoi each year.
Translated by Anh Kiet
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