Saturday, 16 Dec 2017

The initiative to produce plastic from fabric waste

Updated at Thursday, 16 Feb 2017, 12:06
The Hanoitimes - To be able to take advantage, creating "the second life cycle" for fabric waste, student group of Environment and Water Resources University has created the alternative products in the production of fiberglass composite. This is the suggestion of a new raw material sources, with high applicability and friendly with environment.

While other students submitted essays subject "Design of solid waste controlling" by the researchers on the paper, then Lai Minh Thai, students of the Faculty of Environment, Water Resources University and several classmates in group submitted essays by major practical plastic composite products for research and production. Minh Thai group's essay made teachers quite unexpected. By the same pattern of fabric waste products to replace glass fibers in composite manufacturing highly innovative and potentially high in practical applications.

The process creates waste plastic composite fabric, Minh Thai clustered relatively simple implementation. Just a fused plastic layer colloidal form, an interwoven fabric layer, until achieving the expected thickness. In particular, waste cloth serves as a replacement of reinforced fiberglass. All waste fabrics with colors, different sizes can be utilized in the production process.

Reportedly, at present, the price per kilogram of glass fiber reinforced plastic around 60,000 VND. Reinforced plastic products from scrap fabric according to research by Thai's group and the cheaper you from 20% to 25%. Last time, there was no contact at all businesses to order products, but also to focus for learning and the group has temporarily declined.

"I will continue to improve in order to overcome a number of points arising in the course of the study. From there, the fabric can be applied in many samples of waste product, with aesthetics and larger production scale," Thai's researchers expect their group.
Translated by Tuan Minh
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