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Paying tuition fee using credit card: fast and convenient

Updated at Thursday, 27 Jul 2017, 11:22
The Hanoitimes - Credit card is a payment method with easy manoeuvre that ensures safety and convenience in comparison to cash payment.
Instead of always carrying along large amount of cash, with a small credit card, you can easily pay for all shopping purchases, bills and costs.
One card – thousands of benefits
Credit card is a payment method replacing the traditional direct payment using cash. Indeed, card owners do not have to pay with cash for transactions. Instead, credit organizations issuing cards will pay in advance, and cardholders have the responsibility to repay that amount or part of it after 30 to 45 days (subject to regulations) without interest. The greatest benefit of a credit card is to support consumers in various spending situations including emergencies (school fees, hospital fees) when cardholders fall short of cash availability.
 Credit card helps smooth transaction and lot of benefits
Credit card helps smooth transaction and lot of benefits 
As a great source of financial support, credit cards have become a payment method chosen by many people. Moreover, this multi-functional card brings other notable benefits.

First, credit card provides flexibility and convenience in consumption. You will feel much more comfortable when bringing a small card instead of a thick wallet with cash inside. Furthermore, an international credit card can be used offline and online inside and outside the country.
Second, credit card is a cash resource when needed. If you need of cash, you can go to ATM and withdraw the amount of cash according to bank regulations. If you want to buy any product but do not have enough cash, you can immediately use credit card to solve the problem.
Third, credit card is safe. Owning a credit card will help you avoid risks such as robbery or dropping money. You can contact the credit card issuing  unit to lock the card immediately in case you lose the card.
Finally, credit card usually has many discount and promotion programs. Cards also have unique designs, suitable for demands of each individual. With a credit card, you can also organize your spending habit. Each month, you will receive a  statement. You can check your spending and reorganize your spending habit.
Owning a credit card: never easier
Currently, credit card is a widespread payment method . However, not many people can own a credit card because of difficulties with regard to proof of income or income level that does not meet the required conditions or  other paperwork.

FE CREDIT – the leading financial consumption brand in the financial consumption sector and issuer of Master card for consumers who  have never used this card before.

FE CREDIT PLUS+ MasterCard is the first product line designed to serve the daily life of people and bring utmost benefits. The most notable benefit of  the PLUS+ card is that it allows users to pay tuition fees. Even if schools or academies do not accept payment through Master card, cardholders just need to call Customer Service FE CREDIT and provide information on schools, courses, students, and the amount of tuition fees. Everything is completed in just three easy steps.
With FE CREDIT PLUS+ Master card, with available credit of up  to 60 million VND. Cardholders can use the card for multiple purposes such as withdrawing cash with the fee of 1.5% at over 14,000 ATM nationwide and 1 million ATM in the world. 
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