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Hanoi has the most modern High-tech & Digestive Center in Vietnam

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The Hanoitimes - After 8 months of operation, the Hanoi High-tech & Digestive Center at Saint Paul General Hospital, has proved itself through a modern technological system and a European service style. In particular, a group of world-leading professors in the field of digestive system, led directly by Professor Joel Leroy, has participates in professional and consulting activities at the center.
World-leading technological system
Patients reception at Hanoi High tech & Digestive Center
Patients reception at Hanoi High tech & Digestive Center

The Hanoi High-tech & Digestive Center is the first center in Hanoi meeting European standards. The center has 12 consulting rooms, 10 patient rooms with 45 beds, four endoscopic diagnostic rooms and three surgery rooms. The surgery rooms are equipped with the most modern technologies of Karl Storz brand. In particular, there is an integrated surgery room with a full range interconnecting camera system, opening opportunities for staff training, scientific research and international integration of the Saint John Hospital. The endoscopic system of Olympus has 4K resolution, which is the most modern system in the world and will provide the most accurate surgery. 
Performing endoscopic diagnostic for patient at Hanoi High tech & Digestive Center
Performing endoscopic diagnostic for patient at Hanoi High tech & Digestive Center

The Deputy Director of the Saint John General Hospital, Nguyen Huu Thuong says that the center is equipped with the most modern technologies in the world. For example, the only Computed tomography (CT) scanner with 384 slices in Vietnam is at the center. And in the whole Asia, the second one is in Singapore. In addition, the endoscopic diagnostic area with four full-HD endoscopic systems of Olympus includes 16 flexible tube ligatures, two automatic lavage pumps, and gastrointestinal diagnostics for hundreds of patients per day. “The modern technological system will help patients screen and detect early any gastrointestinal cancers. Currently, the center has cooperated with some medical stations in Hanoi to get early screening for colorectal cancer for citizens” – Professor Thuong comments.

Connecting hospitals
Prof.Dr. Joel Leroy (French) examined patient at Hanoi High tech & Digestive Center
Prof.Dr. Joel Leroy (French) examined patient at Hanoi High tech & Digestive Center
In order to attract patients and develop the Center, Vice Director of Hanoi Health Department Tran Thi Nhi Ha said: ”With the mechanism of technology and patient transfer, initial examination and diagnosis, we hope hospitals and health centers in Hanoi will cooperate and transfer patients to the Center, so that patients can receive the best services and treatment from leading Professors, which are fully covered by health insurance, instead of going abroad for the same treatment”. Recently, a patient aged 72 years old in Xuan La, Tay Ho had a tumor in stomach and was treated by Professor Leroy to remove the tumor safely. The patient’s family original intention was to bring him to France for surgery with the expense of 25,000 USD, however, at Vietnam, the expense for surgery and post treatment is only 100 million VND (equivalent to 4,500 USD).

The Center Director Nguyen Quynh Anh added, after 7 months of operation, the Center has received more than 6,000 patients for treatment, operating endoscopic diagnostic for 2,600 patients, performing CT scan of 384 slices for 486 patients, and operating surgery for above 300 patients. Among patients coming to the center, many are workers, highlanders, even from Mu Cang Chai and patients with health insurance. 
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