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TaxiGo – Taxi booking app, more choices for passengers

Updated at Sunday, 27 Aug 2017, 13:57
The Hanoitimes - With the message of “Connecting passenger to enjoy the trip”, on August 24, Lien Minh Passenger Transport Service JSC has introduced TaxiGo – an Taxi booking app, which helps passenger going for a long trip with affordable price.
This is a solution developed by local enterprise, which helps passenger to choose the most convenient trip in the fastest way possible with the lowest cost and reliable. On the other hand, the app is also aimed to increase income for drivers.
Director of Lien Minh Passenger Transport Service JSC Pham Van Dung introduced the functions of the app.
Director of Lien Minh Passenger Transport Service JSC Pham Van Dung introduced the functions of the app.
In the past, both traditional taxi companies and other taxi booking apps have to face with the dilemma of passenger booking one way. As the returning way without passenger, drivers will lose income, while they still have to pay for the fuel, depreciation and other fees. At the same time passenger looking for the same route trip (potentially one way) have to use another car, which faces the same dilemma. Meaning, passenger wants to use quick and reliable services with affordable price, while drivers want to maximize the use of their car to increase income. Therefore, the introduction of TaxiGo is aimed to solve this dilemma. 

Besides, TaxiGo app can be used for all kinds of taxi service from long trip, airport, inter-province, travel, or even goods transportation. As a result, this app is suitable with all kinds of passenger, regardless of where they want to go. This is the biggest advantage of the app compared with other apps. In particular, with this app, passenger can book with better car, while the cost is 50% less expensive than the market price.

With this being said, passengers and drivers want to use this app can download TaxiGo from the website: www.taxigo.vn to their smartphones. After simple steps of registration, they only need to wait for the connection between drivers and passenger with the request of going in the same trips, so that passenger can easily choose the right car with detailed information on the driver; while drivers can utilize their car to the maximum with an increase in income. 

Director of Lien Minh Passenger Trasnport Service JSC Pham Van Dung said, TaxiGo is a taxi booking app with totally new kind of transport, which is suitable with all kinds of passengers for whatever kinds of taxi they want to book. “This hi-tech solution is expected to transform the current taxi booking apps in present and also the future, in turn increase the value for passenger and income for drivers”. Mr. Dung also expressed his hope that this technology will realize high potential of taxi companies, or even become well-known outside the Vietnam’s borders in the future.
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