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Renewable energy still has room for development

Updated at Saturday, 09 Sep 2017, 18:50
The Hanoitimes - On September 8, Ministry of Science and Technology has held the conference on Vietnam Technology and energy in Hanoi.
In the context of growing demand for energy to meet the demand of socio-economic development, the government has issued policies and mechanisms to encourage the efficient use of energy and diversifies energy sources. At the same time, the government also has supporting policies to promote renewable energy to enhance capabilities, efficiency and sustainability for the national energy network.
Overview of the conference.
Overview of the conference.
At the conference, Vice Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung said, Vietnam is facing many challenges to ensure the energy security toward sustainable development. Vietnam is transforming from exporting energy to import energy with an increasing rate. As such, it is very difficult in balancing the energy supply – demand in general, and power supply – demand in particular.

“In order to meet the energy demand of a growing economy like Vietnam, it is important to take over the technology, in turn gradually localize technology, equipment to avoid the dependence of imported technology” – The Vice Minister stressed. At the same time, recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology has implemented focal research program to solve the technological issue in energy sector, including the national level program of Science & Technology in period 2016-2020 “Research on application and development of technology on energy”.

At the conference, guest speakers have given evaluation on the overall picture of the national energy sector, renewable energy and new technology application to develop renewable energy. As such, Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan of Energy Institute said, the potential of Vietnam’s renewable energy is massive, including: solid waste, wind, solar energy, etc. But this is only theory and remains a long way to realize its potential. “With regard to solar energy, the theory is of 6 million Mw, while technical potential is 300,000 Mw. However, from technical potential to economic viability, this number will be decrease significantly”.

Expert said, the development of renewable energy in Vietnam does not have sufficient attention from investors due the requirement of large investment in the beginning. Moreover, the production cost is also higher than other traditional energy, not mentioning other expenses. At present, the retail price of renewable energy is 1,622 VND/kWh (7.2 US cents/kWh). On the other hand, mechanism to promote the renewable energy consumption is inefficient, which is difficult and costly to joint the national grid; inexperience to develop and lack of engineer and labor forces for large scale project.

Expert said, in order to ensure the security of national energy, renewable energy is inevitable. The government needs to have policies and regulations; establish fund supporting renewable energy to finance solar energy, wind energy; training the human resources at universities and research institutes. In the context of looking for alternative power to replace hydroelectric power, the development of thermal power needs to focus on sustainable technology. 
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