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New technology to prevent traffic accident

Updated at Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017, 19:19
The Hanoitimes - Mobileye is one of the top solution in the world in preventing traffic accident with the accuracy of above 99%.
Mobileye helps to prevent traffic accidents.
Mobileye helps to prevent traffic accidents.
This technology has been introduced through workshop jointly held by the Ministry of Transport and Israel Embassy on September 22 in Hanoi, which is aimed to apply technology to prevent traffic accident and increase efficient in operation of transportation fleet. The workshop is to introduce traffic accident prevention technology Mobileye in urban area and in highway, as well as solution to manage transportation fleet. 

The technology Mobileye is one of the top solution invented by Israel to prevent traffic accident with accuracy of 99%. It is also has unique function to warn beforehand possible collusion for self driving car. As one of the first company in the world successfully applying the artificial eye in traffic accident warning and self driving, Mobileye operates as a third eye in the road, which in turn helps driver monitoring the road ahead continuously and the blind spots (if driver installs additional cameras). 

As such, with advanced microprocessor capable of multi tasking all functions, Mobileye can identify transport vehicles, including motorbikes, bicycles, and pedestrians to warn beforehand of around 2.7 seconds against any possible collusions for drivers in highways, as well as in the urban area with image and sound, so that driver can timely response to this accident and efficiently prevent traffic accident. 

In particular, Mobileye offers function of warning collusion at the front, getting out of the road through image and sound, warning collusion for bicycles and pedestrians. Mobileye can also control headlights to avoid causing uncomfortable to other vehicles going the opposite way or ahead.  Moreover, the Mobileye technology can help driver monitor and receive notification in image and sound on the safe distance with the car ahead, as well as identify traffic instruction boards and speed limit (including digital boards), it can also read signals and inform driver when the car is over speed limit.

Speaking at the workshop, Vice Head of the Science & Technology Department of the Ministry of Transport Tran Quang Ha said, preventing traffic accident is one of the top priority of the transport sector, so that choosing a sustainable solution is necessary for Vietnam transport development, in turn contributes to the economic development. Therefore, the Government and Ministry of Transport have put up effort in reducing traffic accidents, number of fatality and injury by 5 – 10% per year, as well as minimizing severe traffic accident. “Among solutions to reduce traffic accidents there are solutions applying technologies in traffic management, as well as to support participants in traffic. Therefore, the introduction of smart technology such as Mobileye will be optimized solution to prevent and reduce traffic accident in Vietnam” – Mr. Ha said. 

In 2016, Vietnam has 21,589 traffic accidents, with number of fatalities is 8,685 and injury is 19,280. In which 66.7% is motorbike; car is 277.07%. In 2017, it is expected that the number of car in Vietnam will increase 10% compared to 2016, which is equivalent to 350,000 cars, in turn increase the total number of cars in traffic is 3.9 million cars. 
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