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E-Customs declaration: Benefits for enterprises

Updated at Thursday, 12 Oct 2017, 17:21
The Hanoitimes - Officially launched since March, the e-customs declaration portal has attracted a large amount of enterprises and related individual & organizations.
This service is aim to reduce the paperwork and processing time, in turn reduce cost for enterprises and improve the information connection between administrative agencies and customs. 
Interface of the e-customs declaration online.
As one of the agencies using the e-custom declaration portal ( with high frequency, representative of Agribank Vietnam said, before the e-custom declaration portal became available, the bank has to gon on the website of of General Department of Vietnam Customs ( to check on the code and the number provided by the customers. However, the results sometimes are not in details, for example, there was no name of customers living abroad, no value or the name of goods. The result only shows the status of whether goods of that customers are cleared or not. “Since the implementation of this service, the searching process is simplified, information is more in detail, while provided data is more specific. As such, the checking process is more efficient than before” – Representative of Agribank said.

According to information from the General Department of Vietnam Customs, among the group of customers using the e-customs declaration portal, banks are the majority. As of September, in 6 months, the portal has 36,000 turn of accesses and checking information. The Custom Department has authorized access for nearly 1,100 accounts and continue receiving requests for new account creation and connecting to the system. According to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), before the e-customs declaration portal, looking for declared custom information must be implemented through the custom declaration in writing, which is provided by the enterprise. In case of verification of the information in custom declaration, banks have to request enterprises to provide the original paperwork, directly contacting the local custom department or sending email to custom department. This process often consumes time for all parties involved.

According to the law, the custom declaration paper can be used in multi purpose of different administrative agencies, namely, the checking, monitoring the process of exporting and importing, selling products in the market; issuing certificate of the origin of goods; tax refund and checking; paying and declaring tax for export activities of credit institutions.

In order to support enterprises and reduce processing in custom declaration process, the Government has issued Decision No. 33/2016/QD-TTg to maintain the legality in providing and using the e-customs declaration. Previously, the Decree No. 08/2015/ND-CP issued by the government with regard to specify responsibilities of related administrative agencies, regulating these agencies do not request applicants to provide the custom declaration in paper form. “The establishment of the e-custom declaration portal is aimed to support applicants declaring taxes, providing origin of goods, and paying through banks for other administrative fees online; proving the legality of goods circulated in the market” – Representative of the Custom Department said.

Accordingly, the use of e-customs declaration portal has contributed significantly to the purpose of reducing paperwork, reducing time and cost in implementing administrative procedures in export and import activities. At the same time, it is the platform to share and exchange information between administrative agencies and custom departments. 
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