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Government urges implementation of new rural area construction

Updated at Sunday, 01 Jan 2017, 22:15
The Hanoitimes - Prime Minister (PM) Nguyen Xuan Phuc has recently has issued a direction to speed up the promotion of effective and sustainable implementation of the national target programme on new rural area construction for 2016-2020 period.
In the last six years, the Government and relevant ministries, agencies, authorities and people at all levels have coordinated in implementing the national target programme and recorded important achievements, helping raise income for rural population, upgrade infrastructure and improve socioeconomic conditions.
The country so far has 2,235 communes and 30 units at district level recognised as reaching new countryside construction standards.
However, there are difficulties and shortcomings in carrying out the programme, such as shortage of sustainable cohesion in organisation of agricultural production, while some localities still focused on developing infrastructure and were not paying adequate attention to production in areas associated with agricultural restructuring, building cultural life and protecting the environment.

Illustrative image
Illustrative image
To strengthen the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability in the construction of modern rural areas, Prime Minister required relevant ministries, agencies and local authorities to pay attention to further improving awareness and responsibilities of governments at all levels, especially the role of the heads, in building new rural areas. The Government leader stressed the need to determine that new rural area construction brings aspirations of starting a business, getting rich, attracting resources for development and diffusing sustainable values.
The PM also urged review mechanisms and policies to deploy the programme effectively, develop appropriate and strong enough mechanisms to encourage science and technology’s application in implementation, and mobilise resources and investment in rural areas, with a focus on agro-processing industry and rural economic restructuring.
Under the direction, the programme is focused on agricultural production development and agricultural restructuring associated with new countryside construction and urbanisation matching the practical situation of each region.
The Cabinet leader also instructed regions to promote production, increase income for rural residents and apply advanced technologies in manufacturing to improve productivity, quality and ensure food safety, along with supporting formation of sustainable value chains for large-scale production models for key products at district, provincial and national levels, as well as creating a favourable environment for agricultural cooperative development and boosting effective operation of cooperatives and joint ventures.
Translated by Thu Minh
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