Saturday, 18 Nov 2017

Hanoi to launch Action Month for Children

Updated at Saturday, 13 May 2017, 18:10
The Hanoitimes - According to Plan 100/KH-UBND has been recently dated by Hanoi People’s Committee on launching Action Month for Children 2017 in Hanoi.

Action Month for Children 2017 is themed “Implementing Law on Children and preventing, fighting violence against children as well as child abuse”. It will be launched from June 1 to June 30 with various activities, such as increasing popularization and education works to raise awareness of Party units, agencies, sectors, unions, governments at all levels, organizations, families and children on child protection, care and education; implementing Law on Children 2016, and calling for participation of the governments at all levels, agencies, sectors, unions, families and children to realize rights and obligations of children; popularizing prohibited activities against the children.

Furthermore, the Action Month 2017 has following activities: (1) organize communications activities, focusing on Law on Children, prevention and fight against child abuse as well as violence against children, prevention of child accidents and injuries; (2) improve living environment, guarantee safety of the children in families, schools and communities; organize contests on Law on Children, prevention and fight against child abuse and violence against children, like composing message on preventing, fighting child abuse and violence against children, teaching life skills to improve children’s knowledge as well as skills to protect themselves from child abuse; (3) organize forum for children, create favorable conditions for them to express their opinions on relevant issues and guide them how to take measures to prevent, combat child abuse and violence against children; (4) offer culture, sports and recreational activities for children in residential  areas during the Action Month and summer vacation.

The campaign also creates favorable conditions for poor children, children in ethnic minority areas and mountainous areas and children in special circumstances to take part in culture, sports and outdoor activities, along with exchange programs to help them integrate into the community and increase their self-confidence.

According to the plan, Hanoi People’s Committee requests all People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns to prepare their plan and launch the Action Month for Children 2017; support all children in special circumstances, children in poor families, difficult and ethnic minority areas on the occasion of International Children’s Day (June 1); offer safe recreational activities to children in summer vacation, along with child care, child protection and accident, injury prevention.

People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns prepare venues for child forum, provide or improve play facilities for children in at least five playgrounds; priority is given to areas in difficult circumstances. Activities in framework of the Action Month will be implemented at grassroots level comprehensively and practically in conformity with conditions of each locality and unit.
Translated by Anh Kiet
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