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Vietnamese master and the controversial fight with Canadian martial artist

Updated at Saturday, 15 Jul 2017, 11:47
The Hanoitimes - A Canadian martial artist knocked out a Vietnamese karate black belt in Hanoi on July 12 in the first of a series of fights he has scheduled to promote the authenticity of traditional martial arts
Pierre Francois Flores, a senior artist in the Chinese self-defense martial art of Wing Chun, dominated the fight with Doan Bao Chau before defeating him in three minutes.
The five-foot-three Chau was able to unleash some strong kicks, but it was not enough to deter his six-foot opponent. Chau was repeatedly taken down and was finally defeated with a kick to the face following a flurry of kicks and punches.
Pierre Francois Flores
Pierre Francois Flores
“I was really impressed by Master Doan Bao Chau’s noble attitude and great courage, two character traits in which he surpasses most of the practitioners that I have crossed paths with,” he said in a Facebook post on Thursday.
Chau had invited Flores for the fight, which both described as a friendly match-up. The visiting artist is scheduled for two more challenges during his trip.
Martial master Doan Bao Chau
Martial master Doan Bao Chau
After the fight, Chau has a long sharing on his Facebook page also:
“Sad? Definitely. Not because of losing, as winning or losing is often regarded to fighting, but for two reasons:
Firstly, I am too complaisant to refuse the narrow area and this is contrary to the intended strategy. I was not a good coach and manager of my own.
Via the phone, I've required you several times for measurements but maybe you cannot find a bigger place. With a too strong opponent, I need space to move. The space here is just around 4 * 5 meters. I put no blame on you, as finding such a place while dealing with the government’s intervention is a worthy effort.
It is such a shame when ignoring strategy while being awared of the difference in stature and weight.
Secondly, my will was not strong enough to make a decisive blow, and I did not think fast enough to get out when I was cornered by a big opponent.
So, this is an inherent weakness that I need to overcome. Once again the failure of a time come back, sadness, disappointment about myself is also recalled.
I have not succumbed to the limitations of my stature but do I need to accept that to set my mind free? I am a naturally stubborn, born prematurely for only 1.8 kg and even afraid of eating meat, so I become thinner and thinner. But I know that I never accept my limitations, cause if I do that, I will look down on myself and that is the big shame of a human being. But, I'm not half-hearted. Yesterday I was half-hearted and I am annoying about it. I have betrayed myself and I need to inscribe this lesson. I understand that the training path ahead is long and I need to be more aggressive.
I feel the taste of failure. I am worried of what students will think of me. But I'm honest, I hope the students can read this status and understand me. I have certain limitations but I have martial arts thinking, my passion is intense, I read well so my training method is good, I failed because my reason and will power is not enough. I need the confidence of the students to continue developing the dojo.
After this, everything can slow down but I still work diligently and steadfastly on my martial arts path. My spirit does not change but I have realized my weaknesses to overcome.
Thank you for loving me. I just wish not to make myself, relatives and friends disappointed about me.”
Flores has become widely known across Asia after accepting a challenge from Chinese mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Xu Xiao Dong. Xu issued a challenge to all traditional Chinese martial arts masters in late April following a 10-second victory over a Tai Chi master that went viral.
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