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New trend in fashion design training

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The Hanoitimes - Contrary to the conceptual and artistic apparel design, Nguyen Dang Vu established ANVII – the first fashion workshop in Hanoi for non-professionals to learn practical and commercial fashion.
Born into a family with no relation to the fashion industry, but two years ago and still  a third year student majoring in International Law at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Nguyen Dang Vu established a fashion workshop model focusing on practical training. About his decision and the start-up process, Vu said  that: “From the experience of managing a fashion startup, I I come up with a the  idea of founding a fashion workshop and  was born.”
​ Nguyen Dang Vu and his working space in ANVII workshop.
​ Nguyen Dang Vu and his working space in ANVII workshop. 
Nguyen Dang Vu immediately realized his intention. Vu even risked dropping out of college to focus on his start-up idea. “Nobody believes that I would make such a risky decision. However, once I determine to do something, I have to do it at all cost” – Dang Vu firmly believed. The boldness of the young man does not stop there. At the beginning of his career, he encounters many financial difficulties. There were times that he was stressed to the point of selling his body organs  to buy a sewing machine for his students. “Fortunately, I only dared to sell my blood in the end,” – Vu said humorously. After operating ANVII for 2 years, Vu has now returned to the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam to complete his studies.

Established in July 2015, ANVII has brought a fresh breeze to fashion enthusiasts and young people who want to do start-ups. The workshop aims to create a friendly training environment with high practicality for people who are fascinated with fashion but do not have the opportunities to study in formal environments.
ANVII focuses on training commercial fashion and providing fundamental knowledge on design techniques to serve the working and business management process. This is the workshop major difference from other fashion institutions. ANVII courses last for one and a half to two months. The study programs are formulated according to different levels and the main goal is to balance the creativity, design and practicality of the products. This helps learners to acquire the most basic knowledge and at the same time during the learning process, they can produce high quality works. Students can choose between 2D or 3D cutting, painting and material handling. The specific goal after the basic classes is for trainees to tailor their own clothes.
After 2 years in operation, ANVII fashion workshop has trained around 400 students, in which some of them have established their own brands. In November 2016, ANVII organized the first fashion show to mark its  milestone. It is also an opportunity for new fashion brands and ANVII students to gain experience in a professional environment.  In the coming time, ANVII will organize talk shows as a platform to share practical knowledge in fashion, in turn equipping people interested in fashion and design business with necessary skills to survive in an increasing competitive environment.
“Thanks to diversified demands from students that has opened the door for new opportunities for ANVII. Vu said, in the coming time, the workshop will focus on improving the training quality for ongoing classes, opening new training programs in supporting students to develop ideas and their own styles. The desire of this young founder is to develop ANVII from a workshop to a fashion institute.
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