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“I have always been longing for that comrade!”

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The Hanoitimes - "War has gone by for 42 years, but not for once have I forgot my comrade who saved my life so that I can continue contribute to the development of our country".
Tormented over comrades

In a small house at Group 29, Nghia Tan Ward, Cau Giay District, the war invalid of 4/4-degree Mr. Ha Huy Thong recalls the night of his near-death experience happening 45 years ago. In 1972, as an officer of the Political Affairs of the Vietnam People’s Army, Mr. Thong was assigned to join the transportation group aimed to provide support in the form of manpower and material from the North to the South. In one night, when Mr. Thong and his Comrade were with the group of 40 vehicles transporting goods from Quang Binh to the Central Highlands, they were bombed by the opponent B40 aircrafts. The attack caused devastating consequences with 38 vehicles destroyed. Fortunately, 79 drivers and one commander survived. However, one young soldier named Chat from Yen Dung District (Bac Giang city), who drove the car number 38 could not escape this fateful night, while Mr. Thong was injured severely. “Although the car was destroyed, but by saving other comrades, I was awarded with class 3 Feat Order. After one month of treatment, I came back to the group and continued my duty” – Mr. Thong shared his thought while trembling.
​Mr. Thong and his wife.
​Colonel, Assoc. Professor Ha Huy Thong and his wife.
Speaking about the car driver number 38 who was his savior, Mr. Thong is overwhelmed with emotion and it took him a long pause before being able to retell the story again. The comrade who came from the same hometown passed away at the age of 23 and was still single. “The next year when I came back to this exact route, I could not find Chat’s grave. When facing danger, he pushed me to the tunnel so I could be safe. Indeed, I was only injured. I have visited his family for many times to share their pain and took part in the effort to look for his grave. War is so cruel! Those young volunteers brigade No.34 who dig his temporary grave had made a signature for later discovery, but then everything had been destroyed. At present, in Truong Son Martyrs’ Cemetery, among thousands of graves, there is one with his name on it but emptied underneath. This is my enduring regret and torment”.

Contribution means happiness

Every year on the War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day (July 27) or People’s Army Establishment Day (December 22), war memories come back to him. He still remembers the date of August 14, 1964 as if it were yesterday, when the American fighter jets attacked the North. Graduated from high school, Ha Huy Thong was eager to begin his study in the university but then set his dream aside to join the army. After two years in the military, he was sent to military school and graduated with honors. Thong then became political staff at the Political affairs. In 1975, he returned to the North to study and then worked at Political Academy until his retirement in 2010 as an associate professor. 
 As of present, Colonel, Assoc. Professor Ha Huy Thong has published 7 books on the moral ethics of President Ho Chi Minh in the revolution, security, military and united nation.
As of present, Colonel, Assoc. Professor Ha Huy Thong has published 7 books on the moral ethics of President Ho Chi Minh in the revolution, security, military and united nation.
Retirement but still working. For many years, communist party members at the civil group No.29, Nghia Tan District still hold him in high regard and vote for him to be the Party cell’s secretary. For him, it is an honor to continue promoting the moral ethics and lifestyle of Uncle Ho to other party members. He shows us the book “Everyone to follow President Ho Chi Minh’s example”. “I wrote this book in 2014, when we are following the Instruction No.3 of the Politburo in working and living in accordance to President Ho Chi Minh’s example. I want all public staffs, party members, soldiers, polices, doctors and citizens to follow the ethics, lifestyle and working style of President Ho Chi Minh. We should study his way of thriftiness instead of frugality, doing more than saying, etc.” Reading his book, we see Uncle Ho’s principles on ethics was written for everyone to understand. His book has been chosen by Nghia Tan District Communist Party to distribute to all of its party members. In the Party Cell No. 29, Mr. Thong gave this book as present to everyone for study and reference.

After 46 years in the military and then came back to normal life, Colonel Ha Huy Thong always fulfils his responsibilities as the Party Cell’s Secretary No. 29 and also the leader of civil group No.29. In recent 17 years, whenever someone need helps, he will be there to support them. He also instructs post-graduate and teaches subjects with regard to Ho Chi Minh’s ideas on military in Security Academy, Ho Chi Minh Political Academy and Border Defending Academy. For him, to be able to work and contribute to civil group, to the District and society until his very end are incomparable happiness.  
Tran Oanh - Ngoc Thuy
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