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Hanoi's best events this week

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The Hanoitimes - Take some new air with film Screening “L’homme de Rio” or Creative Hubs: Report Launch & Discussion…
Creative Hubs: Report Launch & Discussion
Creative Hubs: Report Launch & Discussion.
Creative Hubs: Report Launch & Discussion.
On Aug 1st, in Hanoi Creative City, No1 Luong Yen Street, Hanoi, you can enjoy creative hubs with title “Report launch & Discussion”.
A variety of exciting new creative spaces is popping up in Vietnam’s major cities. Examples include Toong, Manzi, Hanoi Creative City (in Hanoi) and Factory, ADC Academy, Dreamplex (in Ho Chi Minh city). They are making art and culture more accessible and providing spaces for homegrown creative enterprises to thrive. They are part of young but thriving creative economy in Vietnam – a sector which worth billions of USD and has been a global success story of the twenty-first century.
The British Council has been working closely with a network of Creative hubs. In 2014, the British Council launched the first ever report about local creative hubs. It recognized nearly 40 active hubs across Vietnam and highlighted the significant contribution of these hubs to the local community.
Come and join us to learn more about these exciting spaces, current local policies and some lessons learned from Europe for creative hubs development in Vietnam. You will meet three creative hubs including the Creative Lab by Up in Hanoi, the Danang Business Incubator (DNES) in Da Nang, and Toa Tau in Ho Chi Minh City and hear about their exciting works in connecting creative people and the community, and how they are promoting innovation and creativity.
On this occasion, the British Council will also present two important research reports, both commissioned as part of a series of actions in support of the development and sustainable operation of creative hubs in Vietnam. The first report is the Creative Hubs: Experience from Europe, Lessons for Vietnam, 2016, by Professor Andy Pratt from City University London. The second report is the Review of Regulatory Framework for Creative Hubs in Vietnam, 2017, recently conducted by Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies.
Exhibition “Games and Realities”
Exhibition “Games and Realities”.
Exhibition “Games and Realities”.
Computer games are not only for entertainment but also an art, which transports real-world references, meanings, and ideologies and can, therefore, be political and social media, in a positive, educational or ensnaring, propagandistic manner.
Featuring eighteen politically-ambitious computer games from the past twelve years, the touring interactive exhibition Games and Realities examines how computer games unfold their political potential. In 4 years from 2016 to 2019, the exhibition is presented by the Goethe-Institut in 49 cities around the world.
In these games, players experience the contingencies of political decision-making itself (Democracy III) and witness social injustices. The games address precarious labor conditions (Sunset), gender issues (Perfect Woman), the surveillance state (Touchtone), the consequences of armed conflicts (This War of Mine), the treatment of refugees (Escape from Woomera) and resistance against totalitarian systems (Yellow Umbrella).
Adopting the characters of often-marginalized people such as a border official, housekeeper, drone pilot or war survivor, players experience limited possibilities and negative sanctions through both the character and the game play.
Games and Realities present 18 playable games that cover a wide range of social and political topics. In addition to trying out the games, visitors can view an introductory film about the exhibition (twenty minutes) and mini-documentaries about the games. An accompanying exhibition catalog provides background information on these independent games and their unifying concepts.
This exhibition Games and Realities is presented by the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien in Karlsruhe).
Film Screening “L’homme de Rio”
Film Screening “L’homme de Rio”.
Film Screening “L’homme de Rio”.
Come to film screening “L’homme de Rio” (France, 1964). This fast-moving spoof of James Bond-type movies features striking location photography of Rio de Janeiro, Oscar Niemeyer’s nascent Brasília, and Paris. At the 37th Academy Awards, the film was nominated for the Oscar for Best Writing, Story, and Screenplay.
The film will be screening this Sun 6 Aug 2017 at 3.30 pm in L’Espace.
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