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School with proud achievements

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The Hanoitimes - For school year 2016-2017, students of Dong Quan high school scoring 24 points and above in the college entrance exams are 120 out of 453 students; above 27 points: 42 students; above 29 points: 7 students. Students got top prizes in national contests: 11 students and city level contest: 37 students.
Dong Quan high school has set aside 300 million VND to award teachers and students with high achievements.

The first round of official university entrance examination has ended. Commonly, many students of specialized schools in big cities have achieved great results, even top scores. However, a village school with the majority of students coming from poor farming households has surprised many people. For many consecutive years, students of this school has earned top scores and admitted in big universities. 

Many dignitaries in a village school 

Dong Quan High School is located to the West of Hanoi, Phuong Duc commune, Phu Xuyen district (former Ha Tay Province). After 5 years (since 2012), the school has changed constantly, wearing an ornamental cover. The most special and exciting thing for us is that despite being a village school with the majority of students from poor farming households, the school has generated many dignitaries of famous universities each year. As of 2012, Le Duc Duan, a poor student, became the dignitary of the Hanoi Medical University. He brought endless pride and happiness not only to his family, but also to the school and residents of the commune. The happiness continues to multiply for the school and people here when two students, Nguyen Nhu Quynh and Duong Thi Hanh, became dignitaries of two well-known universities. Quynh became the dignitary of Medical University with 29 points, while Hanh scored the highest point at 29.5 of the Military Medical University. 
Class 12A1 of Dong Quan high school
Class 12A1 of Dong Quan high school.
The miracle does not stop there. In 2014, the school received another good news when two students became dignitaries of big universities. In particular, the two dignitaries are twins. Nguyen Phuong Nam was the dignitary of the Faculty of Natural Sciences (Hanoi National University) with 27.5 points, while Nguyen Ngoc Hoa was top of the list of the Hanoi Architecture University with 27.75 points. Notably, the two students are very poor. Their father passed away, so their mother had to work far away from home. The two brothers lived with grandparents in a small house that is not even 20m2. Continuing the tradition, in 2015, student and teacher community of Dong Quan High School were fortunate to have two dignitaries: Ngo Minh of the Military Medical University with 28.75 points and Vu Duc Trong of the Institute of Logistics with 27.75 points. 

Self - oriented studying methods 

During the school year 2016 - 2017, teachers and students of Dong Quan High School were delighted as Nguyen Thi Phuong Lien became an excellent dignitary of block A with the maximum score (30 points).

Delighted in sharing students’ achievements for the school year of 2016-2017, teacher Nguyen Van Duc of the 12A1 class, which has 35 students scoring 27 points and above, 7 students scoring 29 points and 1 student with the highest score (Nguyen Thi Phuong Lien), talked about his teaching experience for the last 3 years.”each student has its own situation. So for students to achieve their objectives and overcome difficulties without extra classes, since 10th grade, I always advise student of not using smartphone, facebook and internet, as well as asking them to self study.It is also important to have a stuy environment which encourage student’s creativity and no pressure on achievements ” – Teacher Duc said.
Teachers and Students of Dong Quan high school visiting Teacher Chu Van An Temple.
Teachers and Students of Dong Quan high school visiting Teacher Chu Van An Temple.
In order to attain these achievements, for many years, the board of principles has promoted the way of teaching and studying based on the principle of organizing extra classes for many kinds of students. With this being said, teachers must know beforehand the circumstances and academic level of each students for better and efficient study. As such, the school will wave off the tuition fee for poor students and have measures to encourage them accordingly. 

Sharing his vew on his students’ achievements in many years, the Principle of Dong Quan High School – Mr. Le Van Dung said, eventhough the school is located in the suburb with lot of difficulties, Dong Quan high school always have students attaining the highest score for the college entrance exam. Many students participating in the city and nation contests also achieve good results. 

For this year of high school graduation exam, Dong Quan high school continues to have students included not only in the school’s hall of fame but also of Hanoi’s, attaining the maximum score of 30 points. Mr. Dung stressed: in recent years, the entrance score for admission of the school is quite low, while the students’ quality is inconsistent. In order to improve the education quality, right at the 10th grade, the school has conducted various measures: divide students in group according to their academic capabilities (low, average, good and very good). For students with low academic level, the school will provide extra tutorial classes for free of charge, while for the group of very good academic level, students are equipped with advanced knowledge for deeper understandings. On the other hand, Dong Quan high school also request students to strictly follow the school’s regulation, frequently organizing training courses for teachers and staffs to improve their capabilities and knowledge. “In particular, teachers always encourage students to think out of the box and solve a question in as many ways as possible. Moreover, we ask students to work hard and never lose sight of the objectives. In addition to the dedication and enthusiasm, Dong Quan high school has many ways to show its care and encouragement, such as: increase salary, merit certificate and commendation in cash. With this being said, both students and teachers are motivated to improve day by day” – Mr. Dung shared.
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