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Administrative reform lead to Dong Da hospital’s transformation

Updated at Sunday, 06 Aug 2017, 13:25
The Hanoitimes - In order to improve the service quality and meet the need of patients, Dong Da General Hospital has increased IT application and administrative reform, in turn creating favorable conditions for citizens coming to the hospital for treatment.
Increase working hours, reduce procedures

Vice Director of Dong Da Hospital, Doctor Pham Ba Hien said the Hospital has put effort on administrative reform, especially in Outpatient Department. The Department receives daily 600-900 patients, in which 90% is covered under health insurance. Thus, patient would be the first and foremost beneficiary through administrative reform in treatment management. In particular, doctors and staffs at the Department, especially those at the reception often go to work as early as 7 a.m to serve patients and families coming for registration. Waiting room and the reception area are spacious with sufficient seats and drinks. The hospital regulations, instruction and hospital fees are posted publicly together with the opinion box, hotline for 24/24 to timely receive and handle emergency cases. Information office is available to support patients and families with operation reported daily to the board directors of the Hospital, so that any issue occurred can be dealt with in timely manner, in turn avoid causing frustration to patients.
Patient treatment at the hospital.
Patient treatment at the hospital.
“Coming to Outpatient Department, patients are given the waiting number automatically. When a number is called, hospital staff will scan the barcode on health insurance to get the patient’s information. All the treatment history will be recorded in the hospital’s database. Any request for diagnosis and prescriptions will be done online to save time for doctors and convenient for patients” – Doctor Hien shared. 

Building a clean, green and beautiful hospital

In the effort of building a friendly hospital, the board of directors has initiated the campaign of 5 minutes green – clean – beautiful at all departments, offices, where every staffs, doctors and patients spend 5 minutes everyday and 1 hour in Friday every week to keep clean of the working place and treatment room. The hospital also encourages its youth union to plan and grow trees, gardens to create a green environment. A Regulation consisting of 5 criteria such as arrangement, filtering, cleanness, readiness and care are introduced and aimed to improve the operation efficiency at all departments and offices, in turn contribute to the satisfaction of patients.

The outdoor exercise area.
The outdoor exercise area.
Especially, rarely has any hospital in center of Hanoi had a lake within such as Dong Da Hospital. As such, the environment in hospital is always clean and fresh. Taking advantage of the spacious street alongside the lake, the youth union of the hospital has turn these into outdoor exercise areas. Director of Dong Da hospital – Dr. Le Hung informed that over 45% patients at the hospital are over 60 years old with arthritis, diabetes, so that exercises are very important for them. Moreover, it is also convenient for doctors and staffs to work out whenever they have time.

In the coming time, the Quality Control Department will conduct customer satisfaction surveys for all phases of the hospital operation to improve the service quality accordingly. At the same time, Dong Da hospital will maintain the campaign of keeping the hospital green, clean and beautiful, creating an friendly environment for patients coming for treatment. 
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