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Recommendations of children sent to government's leaders

Updated at Monday, 28 Aug 2017, 11:27
The Hanoitimes - 200 children from 48 provinces, cities, SOS Children’s Village and Thuy An Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Children participated in the official session of the 5/2017 National Children’s Forum in Hanoi on August 26.
Vice Minister Dao Hong Lan presented gifts for children participating in the National Children’s Forum.
Vice Minister Dao Hong Lan presented gifts for children participating in the National Children’s Forum.
The forum with the theme “children and the prevention of violence and child abuse” was organized by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) in collaboration with the Committee for Culture, Education, Youth and Children of the National Assembly, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Organization. 

At the forum, children discussed with each other and leaders of ministries, departments and branches four aspects of the issue of prevention against violence and abuse of children. The first topic is children with child violence prevention. The second one is children with issues of child sexual abuse prevention and child marriage. The other two are children with the issue of child labor reduction and prevention of child abuse in online environment. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of MOLISA Ms. Dao Hong Lan said that in 2017, many documents and policies for children were reinforced. In particular, the Law on Children has taken effects since June 1, 2017. All legal documents and policies aim to better protect children, as well as to ensure the implementation of children’s rights and bring about better results for children. 
Children sending messages and suggestions to the government’s leaders.
Children sending messages and suggestions to the government’s leaders.
The 5th National Children’s Forum was organized as a platform for children to share suggestions and ideas on prevention against child violence and child abuse from the children’s perspectives. Children proactively raised ideas, suggestions and solutions to improve the current resolutions on prevention against violence and child abuse. Children’s ideas are then sent to leaders of ministries, localities and related organizations. 

The Deputy Minister Ms. Lan stated that MOLISA would integrate ideas, messages and recommendations from children at the forum as well as in localities to report to the Government, other ministries, sectors and organizations. Related agencies need to take the suggestions into serious consideration.

 “The rightful recommendations and suggestions of children at this forum will be considered and updated during the process of developing policies, laws, masterplans, programs and projects in related to children. As such, we can listen to the children with heart and protect children with action” – this is also their message sent to the government leaders” – Vice Minister Lan stressed.

Deputy Head of the National Assembly for Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children Ngo Thi Minh said, the children’s suggestions in the 4th National Children’s Forum in 2015 had been sent to 7 ministries and included in the Law on Children in 2016. In the forum of this year, their messages and suggestions will continue be considered. Also, during the process of law implementation and other legal documents, we will review how the children’s suggestion be implemented by ministries and related agencies.

With regard to the prevention of child violence and abuse, at this forum, children have sent to leaders of ministries and agencies 23 messages and suggestions under 4 categories: violence to children; sexual abuse and child marriage; children exploiting; child violence and abuse in internet environment. 

They are also committed to unite in the effort of preventing child abuse and violence, in turn fulfilling better their responsibilities. Moreover, they look forward these suggestions are frequently reviewed and responded.
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