Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017

Taking risky circus to Vietnam

Updated at Wednesday, 30 Aug 2017, 20:26
The Hanoitimes - For the first time ever, audiences coming to the National circus not only to see pythons, elephants or monkeys, but also performers riding motorcycles in the globe of steel, the circle of death with performers from Japanese, Chilean, Mexican and Brazil of the international circus company – Happy Dream Circus.
International circus performers performing in Vietnam.
International circus performers performing in Vietnam.
This event is held in Hanoi from September 01 to December 1, in which the majority is risky performance such as trapeze jumping, the circle of death, riding motorcycles in the globe of steels, breath of fire. Director of Vietnam Circus Federation Ta Duy Anh said: “6 months before the show takes place, Happy Dream Circus had travelled to Vietnam to look at the stage and check all safety procedures. And around 1 month ago, performers of the circus company had come to Vietnam for training. All instruments for the performances have been transported from abroad to Vietnam”.

​Happy Dream Circus was established in 2003 in Japan. Under the name of a famous company, the circus has gathered many talented circus performers from Central – South America. According to Alan Martinez – manager and director of the circus, performers are cheerful and active people. They will bring a happy circus atmosphere to Hanoi for the first time. They have been practicing diligently and are willing to bet on their lives with performances such as trapeze jumping, which requires high techniques. Circus performers in Vietnam appraised that unique foreign performances will bring a fresh breeze to Vietnam. 
In this show, Vietnamese performers will perform 10 opening acts and conclude with animal show… All of the acts used to win many international awards. After performing in Hanoi, from December 2, 2017 to April 1, 2018, international artists will come to other provinces in Vietnam to perform.
Thanh Loan - Nguyen Tung
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