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Book street – Popular “check -in” spot for youth

Updated at Thursday, 31 Aug 2017, 13:38
The Hanoitimes - Starting on May 1, 2017, the December 19 street has transformed from the so-called “hell market” to book street, a favorite destination of Hanoians, particularly the youth.
Dinh Le street is also hailed as the Book Street of Hanoi. However, coming to the December 19 book street, readers will join a quieter, more beautiful atmosphere. At the December 19 book street, there are not only book shops of all kinds, but also book cafes and a conversational space between authors, critics and readers. Only 200m long, but the street is very spacious with 16 individual stores of 16 publishers that were designed and constructed harmoniously with the landscape. From the main brown tone, readers can feel the friendliness and comfort. After the opening ceremony, the book street is always crowded. Recently, the number of people coming to this street has decreased during weekdays. Yet, on weekends, the December 19 book street is always a must-go destination.
A corner of December 19 book street.
A corner of December 19 book street.
Right before stepping a foot into the book street, readers can find the electronic information lookup with full touch in Vietnamese. The simple interface allows readers of all age, including the elderly, to use at their conveniences. The information is also easy to understand, such as how to choose the name of the work, author name, or genre. Just press the search button and you will know which book you need to buy from which publisher. Representative of Dinh Thi Publisher, one of the stores in this street, commented: There is no bookstore integrating modern technology in looking up or buying books like the Book Street.

After looking through the online library, readers can go through stores to search for their favorite books. Each book is displayed on the shelf nicely and neatly, divided into each category as books for kid, Vietnamese literature, foreign novel and so on. Sellers are very friendly and willing to answer any questions from readers. Coming to book street, in addition to being able to buying and reading book in a quiet space, readers can also freely take picture with unique angles to share with friends on their social networks. Stores which are beautifully decorated are the hotspots to young readers. The square at the end of the street is where organizers will hold events for visitors coming for reading and buying books.

Street book has now become a cultural rendezvous for Hanoians to enjoy their free time. As of now, people not only go to café or library for reading books, they can also come to the book street to enjoy their books and spend their time together with family and loved ones. 
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