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Dual degree program: A new trend in educational integration

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The Hanoitimes - In the academic year 2017-2018, it is the first time that Chu Van An high school (Hanoi) has offered the dual degree program of Vietnamese national diploma and the Cambridge International A Level in 2 classes.
Program of international standard

Emphasizing on the difference with other international training programs, Vice Director of Hanoi Training & Education Department Chu Xuan Dung said: Chu Van An high school is the first school to offer dual degree program in Vietnam. The program not only meets the trend of global integration in the field of education, but also hold the responsibility of training high quality human resources for Hanoi and also Vietnam in new era of integration. 
10I1 and 10I2 of Chu Van An high school is the first 2 classes offering the dual degree program.
10I1 and 10I2 of Chu Van An high school is the first 2 classes offering the dual degree program.
“At present, Hanoi education system is offering many kinds of program to meet the diversified demands of students. However, it is the fist time a state school in Vietnam offers the model of dual degree program of Vietnamese national diploma and A-Level of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)” – Chu Xuan Dung said.

The Principle of Chu Van An high school Le Mai anh said: the big difference between this program and other high school program in Vietnam is the focus on practice and utilizing knowledge to solve practical problems at high level. “Students will be instructed to understand the nature of problem and be proactive in solving practical problems” – Mrs. Mai Anh said.

In terms of teachers, subjects including economy and English will be taught by English teachers. Others like math, physics, chemistry are taught by Vietnamese teachers with high level of English. Besides, the school also invited teachers from Hanoi national university and Hanoi University of Science and Technology to take part in the teaching process.

Training high quality human resources

By taking part in the dual degree program, student will still study the basic subjects of the national diploma, which is now integrated in A-Level program. At the same time, student will also study A-level with 5 subjects in English, including: Math, physics, chemistry, economy and English.
In order to be accepted in this program, the first 50 students must qualify for the high requirements, such as: average scores of 9th grade for math, physics and chemistry above 8; English above 8.5. Afterward, they have to take part in 3 rounds of examinations: writing tests for literature and math in accordance with Hanoi’s regulation of the 10th grade entrance exam. Following are 4 writing tests in English for math, physics, chemistry and English. After having the result for the first 2 rounds, 100 students will be selected for direct interview.

“After the first entrance exam, students got accepted are highly regard by CIE experts, some of them are fluently in English like native speaker” – Mr. Chu Xuan Dung said.

Students with A-Level certificate can be accepted to most universities in the world, including in England and 450 universities in the US. Students with high score in A-level examination are top choices for well known universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, MIT or Stanford.

​The dual degree program offered by Chu Van An high school is aimed to help students obtaining the A-level certificate, at the same time supporting them to realize their potential, in turn to be able to quickly adopt in working and studying environment of international standard. The program is a pilot project in 5 years and will continue be implemented in the future with the support from parents, students and society.
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