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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc: Determined to realize an advanced university complex

Updated at Tuesday, 12 Sep 2017, 19:12
The Hanoitimes - September 12, the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has a meeting with leaders at Hanoi National University (HNU). The Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and leaders of Hanoi also attended the meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, the Prime Minister requested leaders of HNU to go straight in to recommendation and obstacles, especially remaining issues occurred during the implementation of the Prime Minister’s instruction at last year’s meeting with the University to look for solutions. 

As such, Director of HNU Nguyen Kim Son suggested to speed up the project of building HNU at Hoa Lac, which was commenced in 2003 but left unfinished. Mr. Nguyen Kim Son advised the project management unit to be moved from the Ministry of Construction to HNU; related ministries and Hanoi People’s Committee to speed up the site clearance process as well as resettlement plan. At the same time, Hanoi also need to consider to build public utilities in Hoa Lac, completing the handover process of clear site in Hoa Lac to the project management unit. HNU also suggested to be authorized in adjusting the master plan for some components as new requirements arise. On the other hand, HNU requested to be allocated 1,2 trillion VND for site clearance and resettlement plan, and the government to have preferential treatments for the projects similar to the Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park.

Listening to suggestions of HNU, the Prime Minister said right after the meeting, the delegation will go to the construction site to look at the situation. It is the government’s policy to have an advanced university complex, which is aimed to reduce the overload that universities in inner districts currently face. The Prime Minister said a key factor for country development is education reform. During this process, HNU plays an essential role, for which the Prime Minister expected HNU to be the pioneer in education reform, contributing to the country development. As such, the government pay great attention to the development of HNU, especially the infrastructure and equipment for education.

With this spirit, the Prime Minister expressed his hope that the advanced university complex will be the driving force. “In the future, any university wants to join HNU will be welcomed.” The Prime Minister said there will be special policies supporting the development of HNU, which included site clearance, investment fund, and the independence for university members. The Prime Minister also agreed with the suggestion of moving the project management unit from Ministry of Construction to HNU, as the university will be responsible for the project ultimately. At the same time, the Prime Minister assigned Hanoi to speed up the site clearance process, resettlement plan for the project to be commenced. The Prime Minister also agreed with the HNU’s proposals to increase budget for site clearance activities, resettlement plan and building essential facilities, as “if we do not have good clear sites, there will be no university complex to attract investment and mobilize social resources”.  On the recommendation of requesting ODA fund from the World Bank to invest in some priority works for HNU in Hoa Lac, the Prime Minister has given his support and assigned Ministry of Planning & Investment to cooperate with Ministry of Finance and HNU to agree on the plan and submit to the Prime Minister for approval. 
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