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“We hope to change medal color”

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The Hanoitimes - On October 07, as the Vietnam delegation is heading to the upcoming 44th World Skill Competition, the leader of Vietnam delegation Mr. Cao Van Sam – Vice General Director of the Directorate of Vocational Training said, with the impact of the competition, there will be positive influence on the improvement of education quality in Vietnam.
Mr. Cao Van Son.
Mr. Cao Van Sam.
What is our expectation with regard to the 44th World Skill competition?

First of all, the quality of each competition has been higher and higher. This shows every country in the world is putting priority in improving their workforce’s skills.

In particular, this competition has three major changes. Firstly, the organizing board of the competition has assigned some associations to be responsible for the examination, with an aim to ensure the objectivity, fairness and practical. Secondly, the examination is designed to be open, with 30% of the questions to be announced before 3 days of the competition At the same time, criteria for evaluation is quantified and in detail. Lastly, the examination is more and more difficult and requires the professionalism.

The 43th World Skill Competition in 2015, Vietnam only has one bronze medal. So do we have higher expectation this time?

Vietnam has participated in this competition for 5 times, so we have three reasons to believe. Firstly, the next competition, we always have better results than the previous one. Secondly, we have identified our difficulties, so breakthroughs are made through the combination between high tech enterprises with experiences and modern equipment with the experts specialized in training contestants taking part in the world skill competitions. At the same time, we have cooperated with ministries, provinces, vocational training center, where contestants are working or stuyding to be well prepared for this competition. 

Besides knowledge training, we also have constestants trained with regard to mentality, skills and experience. We also try to improve the contestant’ language skill, so that they can actively take part in activities of the competition.

We hope with the high determination of contestants, the support of the government, related ministries and agencies, we hope to change the medal color this time and have many successes. 
The Vice Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs gifted flowers to Vietnam delegation before heading to the competition.
The Vice Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs Le Quan gifted flowers to Vietnam delegation before heading to the competition.
Contestants are chosen from the best. There are some opinions that in many sectors, including the vocational training, we only train contestants for competition. What is your standpoint?

I think to participate in any competition, we have to have the best. The most important things is that, these competitions can inspire us to reform and improve Vietnam’s education quality. 

We gained valuable lession in the process of developing and implementing policies and strategy for Vietnam human resources development in general, and the quality of vocational training in particular. Moreover, we do not have other way rather than to take part in regional and world competition to showcase the quality of Vietnam human resources, which are ready to compete with other countries. 

However, the quality of vocational training in Vietnam is inconsistent. How do we improve this?

We hope after the competition, we will have stronger positive influence, especially when we are facing challenges from the fourth industrial revolution. We have to be determined in implementing consistent solutions to meet short term demands, as well as preparing for the impact of the fourth industrial revolution 4.0.

Therefore, we have to implement consistently solutions to realize the strategy of Vietnam human resources development and the strategy for vocational training development from now on until 2025 and 2032, respectively. In which, we focus on 32 specific solutions and 8 categories of solutions.

There are 3 solutions, which are to improve the human resources from the basic level. Firsly, vocational training centers have to improve cooperation with enterprises in training and meet the demand of enterprises and the labor market. Secondly, vocational training centers have to have independence and operate flexibly, meeting the demand of quickly changed labor market. Independence in training, organizing, and human recruitment to meet the flexibility in vocational training. At the same time, it is necessary to improve training in accordance with international standard to meet the demand for labor force in Vietnam and in the global integration. 

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