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The Hanoitimes - Time to unwind your imagination with Exhibition “Circulating Sounds – Deep Doppler Meets Mathematical Socialism”, Bookworm’s 16th Birthday Party…
Exhibition “Circulating Sounds – Deep Doppler Meets Mathematical Socialism”
Exhibition “Circulating Sounds – Deep Doppler Meets Mathematical Socialism”.
Exhibition “Circulating Sounds – Deep Doppler Meets Mathematical Socialism”.
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut in Vietnam, Goethe Institut Hanoi will premiere two brand new sound installations by the German artist and PhD in art and science history Tim Otto Roth. Both installations, hanging from the ceiling above the visitor, describe a circular motion but in different ways.
In “aura calculata”, sine tones circulate in a ring of 23 illuminated “sound pixels”. The activity and the pitch of the tones are the result of a simple self-organization/neighbor rule: Each loudspeaker obeys the same rules on how to react to its neighbor’s activity – the same principle driving the “wave” in a stadium. So the driving force behind this system is a kind of mathematical socialism equalizing all sound pixels. By varying the neighbor rules, the interaction interestingly can produce various spatio-temporal patterns, be it an oscillation, regular patterns or simply chaotic noise. During years of extended simulations, Roth explored the behavior of these minimalistic systems and discovered that over time some pixels are more active and others less. These tendencies are finally translated into variations in pitch and in the colors of the sound pixels, weaving a continuously changing sound carpet. Here Tim Otto Roth explores new harmonics, playing with microtonal scales such as 31-tone or 51-tone scales developed by Huygens or Mercator hundreds of years ago.
“Deep Doppler” circulates more physically. It consists of six translucent tubes of different lengths fixed to a hexagonal body circulating slowly above the heads of the audience. This horn-like construction permits the playing of saturated deep tones, which change their pitches slightly due to their relative motion – also described as the so-called Doppler Effect. By rotation and by switching tones on and off, which can be followed by illumination, a rotating sound field is created traveling through the space and also the listener like a vibrating sound field, which might be followed by moments of local extinction of the sound.
The installations play alternately. For the premiere on 12 October, Tim Otto Roth has developed a composition for aura calculata accompanied by a live graphics projection translating the history of the system’s development. Such a history of the development of hundreds of steps is also presented as a 13m-long paper strip along the longest wall of the space. In the display cases, printouts of his simulations are presented, being the source for Roth’s compositions and showing the whole dynamics of these self-organizing systems.
Free entrance
Opening, sound art concert performance and artist’s talk: Thu 12 Oct 2017, 6 pm
Exhibition: 13 Oct – 26 Oct 2017, 9 am – 7 pm
Goethe Institut
Bookworm’s 16th Birthday Party
Bookworm’s 16th Birthday Party.
Bookworm’s 16th Birthday Party.
Bookworm celebrates 16 years in Hanoi as Vietnam’s premier English language bookstore with a day of celebratory 15% discounts on all books in stock – fiction and non fiction, new and second-hand and all children’s books.
In the afternoon customers can enjoy free, icy cold sangria or tinto de verano while tapping their feet to Hanoi’s grooviest jazz and pop trio.
Free entrance
Sun 15 Oct 2017
ParkCity on Canvas – Charity Art Exhibition
ParkCity on Canvas – Charity Art Exhibition.
ParkCity on Canvas – Charity Art Exhibition.
From October 11 to October 15, 2017, Vietnam International Urban Development JSC (VIDC) – investor of ParkCity Hanoi project (Le Trong Tan Street, Ha Dong, Hanoi) will hold an Charity Event “ParkCity on Canvas” to raise funds to support the flood victims. With the voluntary participation of 18 artists living in Hanoi, the enthusiastic consultancy and contributions of the Vietnam Flood Prevention Program, and Vietnam Art Space in the sale and auction of paintings, this event is promisingly one of the meaningful community activities in accordance with ParkCity’s philosophy of business.
The painting workshops will be held at the Pavilion of ParkCity Club for 3 days from Oct 11 to Oct 13, 2017. The opening ceremony will be officially held on the afternoon of Oct 13, 2017 for invited guests only and free admission for public will be held on Oct 14 to Oct 15 consecutively.
At the exhibition, visitors not only have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the unique paintings in the tranquil ambiance of ParkCity Hanoi, but also can contribute the goodwill to raise the charity fund through buying paintings. All the money collected from the paintings sold by ParkCity and auctioned by the Vietnam Art Space (A public group of Vietnamese artists sharing different perspectives in high hopes of spreading global art trends and styles.) and the Flood Prevention House (A community contributions to build flood shelters for disadvantaged people in Central of Vietnam) will be delivered to households suffering heavy losses after the disaster. This support will help disadvantaged people have a chance to recover their lives and children can return to school.
Within the framework of the program, 18 artists had visited the ParkCity to survey the venue to ensure the conditions for the workshop. Having same sharing with artist Doan Xuan Tang – Art Director of this program, artist Nguyen Quoc Thang – Program Set up Direct, said: “In the heart of Hanoi, with such a special ecological greenery ambience of autumn, this is an ideal place to organize the workshop, which strongly inspires our feelings for paintings. Especially, we are all very happy to accept invitation from ParkCity to participate this program for charity purposes.”
With a sustainable business philosophy, ParkCity Hanoi is conceived to shape a good society by promoting wholesome living, fostering family ties and values and creating a deep sense of belonging. The investors not only builds “Parkhomes” with the perfect living space for residents but also desires to contribute for better society for Vietnamese. By this charity event, VIDC wishes to bring ParkCity’s distinguished customers a unique artistic space and humanistic meaning.
Opening: Fri 13 Oct 2017, 6 pm (by invitation only)
Exhibition: 14 – 15 Oct 2017, 9 am – 6 pm
Pavilion of ParkCity Club, ParkCity Hanoi Township
Le Trong Tan Road, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
Romantic Ballet Performance “Giselle”
Romantic Ballet Performance “Giselle”.
Romantic Ballet Performance “Giselle”.
Come to a performance of the classic romantic ballet “Giselle”.
Music: A. Adam
Choreographer: M. Petipa; Lavrovsky
Costume: La Hang
A rustic village: Giselle, a beautiful young girl enjoy life who is adored by her native villagers and Grant, the village gamekeeper, is desperately in love with her.
Once to go for a hunt, prince Albrecht disguises himself as a peasant and captivated by Giselle’s frail beauty and innocence. First see first love and dance steps make them fall deeply in love.
Grant filled with suspicion and jealousy. He exposes Albrecht’s disguise and proclaims that he is already betrothed. Overwhelmingly distraught and horrified, Giselle dies of a broken heart.
Thu 12 Oct 2017, 8 pm
Hanoi Opera House
Ha Phuong
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