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Start-up with online agricultural marketplace

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The Hanoitimes - Graduation with major in agricultural engineering, but Nguyen Duc Ninh (born 1983) – Director of Alofarm Vietnam JSC, an expert on agriculture consulting, who has directly supported highland farmers in distance area in the process of technology transfer, started his business from a software company.
Nguyen Duc Ninh training farmers in Laos.
Nguyen Duc Ninh training farmers in Laos.
Nguyen Duc Ninh said, one of his objective is to support farmers both in Vietnam and neighbouring countries. Despite having graduated from the Agriculture University, but Ninh started his career in a software company. As of 2010, he started up with a small fund and founded his own software company. After one year of operation and with his experience in IT, he thought of promoting agricultural products in website when experiencing high demands from farmers for consulting with related to technologies and seedlings. As such, he started working on an online marketplace for agricultural products named under the Vietnam Technology Ecosystem JSC, with a view to connect farmers and distribution channels and agricultural engineers for free. Vietnam Technology Ecosystem JSC specializes in providing high productivity seedlings. From the small scale at the beginning, Ninh has expand the content in his website to livestock, seafood, forestry. “With this foundation, I determined to update information and developed high qualified personnel on agriculture to take part in this field and meet demands of farmers” – Ninh said. 
Nguyen Duc Ninh and children of poor households in highland and distance area.
Nguyen Duc Ninh and children of poor households in highland and distance area.
With desire of contributing to the restructuring of Vietnam’s agriculture, at the same time developing instruments to support the high tech agriculture for customers in Vietnam and aboard, in 2012, Ninh continues developing the online agricultural marketplace under the management of Alofarm Vietnam JSC. He said, Alofarm is designed to provide market information, online technological assistance along with diversified products, with an aim to narrow the distance between farmers and the market. It is also serve the purpose of being a bridge between producers and consumers. Thanks to e-commerce that agricultural products have been consumed quickly in the market. As such, farmers can now concentrate on investing in production. In parallel with the online marketplace, Alofarm also offers other services such as: supporting farmers in production and market through Alofarm Apps, applying high technologies; developing services to support farmers in case of oversupply, natural disaster and diseases. 

As of present, his two companies are still in operation and develop. Talking about his achievements, he said, in 5 years of investing in agriculture, he has gained a large amount of loyal customers. In order to improve the service quality and provide better products for customers, he has developed working models such as: managers, high qualified personnel in displaying and introducing products from a 10 hectar production farm. “However, my biggest achievement after 5 years is to transfer technology and new working method for highland farmers in distance area” – Ninh said.

​Despite being the owner of 2 companies, but Ninh still go to each household in distance area to train, support and share experiences in agricultures for farmers. His effort has contributed significantly in raising knowledge for farmers and eventually their living standards.
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