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Vietnam to hold the 19th Asian Physics Olympiad

Updated at Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017, 19:10
The Hanoitimes - The Prime Minister has approved the proposal to hold the 19th Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) in Vietnam in 2018.
The aim of the proposal is to hold successfully the APhO 2018 in Vietnam, with a view to encourage the learning and teaching of the Physics subject in school. At the same time, it will helps identifying and nurturing students who got talents in physics. As such, the proposal is also in consistent with the foreign policy of global integration of the government. 
Vietnam delegation taking part in the 18th APhO 2017 in Russia.
Vietnam delegation taking part in the 18th APhO 2017 in Russia.
APhO 2018 will be held in Hanoi in 9 days, from May 5 to 15, 2018, with the participation of 30 delegations from 30 countries and regions (each delegation has 8 students and 2 teachers); 60 scientific observers, 60 guests from delegations and 17 international visitors. 

Main activities of the APhO 2018 includes: orgainizing the reception, parting ceremonies for delegations and visitors participating in the APhO 2018; instructing and supporting delegations to go through immigration and demigration process; setting up the examinations and related processes; annoucing the results and awarding medals, merit certificates for students in accordance with APhO regulation; training and recruiting qualified personnel in accordance with requirements of the APhO. 

At the same time, it is necessary to organize places for delegation to reside during the competition, as well as the security for the whole event; facilities with regard to technical aspects, information & technology (IT) must be up to standard for the operation of the APhO 2018; volunteers and the serving staffs must be trained to be effective in the process of supporting delegations in the APhO 2018, as well as to organize cultural, sport and sight- seeing activities.

The proposal also includes other activities, such as: organizing meetings, information and promotion, calling for sponsorship, security, health service and food safety; ensure the transportation and logistics during the APhO 2018.

The APhO 2018 National Steering Committee is under the leadership of the Minister of Education & Training; Vices Minister of Education & Training are the Deputy Head of the National Steering Committee. The APhO 2018 National Steering Committee is responsible for cooperating with related ministries and administrative agencies in organizing and preparing for the APhO 2018; instructing and monitoring the implementation process of designated tasks for APhO 2018; developing the preparation plan and organizing the APhO 2018; directly monitoring the operation of the organizing board for APhO 2018; directing the Hanoi University of Science and Technology to organize the APhO 2018.
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