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Hanoi to issue food safety logo for qualified fruit stores

Updated at Thursday, 12 Oct 2017, 19:39
The Hanoitimes - Fruit stores in Hanoi meet the requirements for food safety will be received logo from the local government, so that customers can identify and buy qualified products.
With the objective of developing civilized and modern fruit selling channels, in turn increases awareness and responsibilities of sellers and citizens in ensuring food safety, at the same time efficiently implement the instruction of the city on “Improve the leadership and instruction in ensuring pubic order and civilized urban area in Hanoi”, Hanoi People’s Committee has approved to implement the project “pilot managing fruit selling stores in Hanoi”.

As such, Hanoi will request related administrative agencies, districts and wards to increase cooperation in managing fruit stores in accordance to the law, with an aim to restore the order in controlling food safety and protect customers’ rights. At the same time, it is necessary to present the abuse of chemical preservation for fruits and its potential diseases to the customers’ health. 

Specifically, the aim of project is to remove fruit selling points in streets and public places, with a view to maintain public order and civilized urban area; improve awareness, responsibilities of growers, sellers, customers and managers in ensuring food safety with regard to fruits; improve management and controlling fruit selling stores toward the objective of high quality and food safety. It is essential to built trust among the customers with regard to fruit products in the country, as well as in Hanoi, encouraging producing safe fruits, improving the competitiveness of local fruits, in turn contributes to the stabilization and economic development in the city.  

Responsible agencies will check and review the operation status of fruit stores in Hanoi. Afterwards, they can develop the instruction plan to support sellers in finalizing and completing necessary documents and procedures to receive the certificate for food safety, verification with regard to the knowledge of food safety, and commitment to ensure food safety.

Until the end of 2018, fruit selling stores in Hanoi will control the origins, quality and conditions on food safety. Moreover, fruit selling points which are not qualified for food safety and public order requirements will be removed, especially in streets, public places, contributing to public order and civilized cities, traffic safety. All fruit selling stores which violate the law of business and food safety, especially in using illegal substances will be punished accordingly. Gradually all fruit selling stores will have the cashing machine, online payment and database system to improve the efficiency in management and business in food safety.

After having checked on all the fruit stores in Hanoi, the responsible agencies will issue logo for qualified fruit stores, as well as to disclose the list of fruit stores qualified for food safety to the public on media and newspaper, so that customers will be able to identify the right quality of the products. The project is aimed to maintain clean – green and beautiful streets, contributing to the image of modern and green Hanoi. Through removing fruit selling points in the streets, pedestrians will have space for walking and enjoy the city. 
Nguyen Tung
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