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Vietnam Railways to apply airline standard services to attract passengers

Updated at Wednesday, 08 Nov 2017, 13:33
The Hanoitimes - According to the Vietnam Railways, train ticket price still remains the same but passenger will receive airline standard services.
As such, this will be part of a series of measures applied by Vietnam Railways to improve its service quality since January 2018. Leaders of Vietnam Railways said, along with the provision of free meal on board, the company will renovate trains and stations, and providing training courses for railway staffs at airlines schools. 
Pilot providing meals in SE3/SE4 trains.
Pilot providing meals in SE3/SE4 trains.
Previously, Vietnam Railways stopped providing meal in 2007 not only because of low demand from passengers, but also to increase turnover per ticket. However, despite efforts from the railway sectors, the number of passengers choosing railway is decreasing. As such, it is necessary to attract more passenger to railway system, instead of maximizing profit on each passenger. At present, Vietnam Railways has completed negotiation process with Southern Airports Services JSC (SASCO). With this being said, free meal will be pilot implemented in 6 SE trains (There are two types of trains: SE and TN. The SE trains are more suitable for tourists thanks to its modern carriages and facilities and faster speed) on North – South route. During the day and depend on timing, passengers will be provided a main dish (with value up to 35,000 VND per person, or equivalent to nearly 1.5 USD) and a side dish (with value up to 25,000 VND per person, or equivalent to 1USD). 

The main dish includes: rice with pork, fish or egg, or fried rice, fried noodle; each dish is served with soup, fruit and drinks. The side dish included steamed bun dumpling cake (Banh bao), sticky rice, kimbap and drinks. The menu will take into consideration culture of each province, and also meal for vegetarians. 

In particular, each meal is designed to ensure sufficient nutrition balancing between each dish: protein (pork, fish), vitamin and minerals (vegetable). The meal also included fruits, drinks. 

Currently, meals are taken into train in each stop: Saigon Station, Hanoi Station and Danang Station. Each meal is packaged accordance with airline standard, with stamp for use for 1 day only and be warmed before served. On the other hand, due to long travelling time in train compared to in plane, meal provided to passenger will be increased in quantity. 

SASCO (Southern Airports Services Joint Stock Company) was established in 1993 with initially governmental capital of 9.3 billion. After more than 20 years, from an enterprise established during subsidy period, SASCO has made several impressive changes in accordance with the market mechanism to keep up with international trends in the field of airport commercial services.

SASCO is currently a big public joint-stock company, a subsidiary of Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV), and the leading player in airport commercial services industry at Tan Son Nhat airport who is now gradually reaching levels of international airports in the region. SASCO currently provides meals on plane for business lounges, restaurants and cafes with the amount up to thousands of meals per day. The food producing and processing process of SASCO up to international standards of HACCP and ISO 9001 – 2015. As such, meals provided by the company are ensured with quality, quantity and safe to customers. 
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