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Successful start-ups with left-hand craft

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The Hanoitimes - Many people initially consider negative work as a solution, waiting for the opportunity to find a suitable job. However, in the process of starting a business, they are more likely to succeed. This is the actual experience that many start-ups have proven.
Studying this one, but working the other

After five years of studying at the Hanoi University of Technology, Dinh Van Hai, Director of the Foreign Language Center of Tomokid, found that this field was not suitable for his abilities. Thus, he decided to pursue the educational model.

Mr. Dinh Van Hai (left), Director of Tomokid Foreign Language Center
Mr. Dinh Van Hai (left), Director of Tomokid Foreign Language Center
He has found that English for children is becoming an essential and very important need. Therefore, in 2014, he joined the American University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) Public Policy Program - Ms. Tran Thi Ai Lien to open English training program for 2-8 year-old children named Tomokid, because this is the potential age of the children's brain. About two years ago, he used the knowledge and skills to gain success with his children. After that, he started applying and experimenting with Tomokid's programs.

After more than three years of inauguration with 5 foreign language centers in Hanoi, Tomokid has been creating the best quality education for children, stimulating and developing other life skills for the children. With different strategies in his education model, his centers have attracted many parents to bring their children to school. However, Tomokid is different, using 100% Vietnamese teachers. Talking about the educational model, Mr. Hai shared: "At a young age, children do not need to immediately give English information massively, but to activate the passion for the children. Tomokid does not focus on learning but on playing and creating interest, passion for the children.

Successful start-up from 3D printing cloth

Ms. Nguyen Hanh Trang and her colleague
Ms. Nguyen Hanh Trang and her colleague
Although being the left-hand craft, Ms. Nguyen Hanh Trang in North Tu Liem of Hanoi has successfully started from the 3D printing cloth.

She is the chief accountant for a Japanese company in Quang Minh Industrial Park. However, she still relies on the online fabric business. Embracing the passion of fabric and gradually try out this new form of fashion in 2015. At that time, numerous people loved 3D printing cloth. Hanh wanted to create her own style to impress the customers, she decided to exploit the depth of 3D fabric.

She started looking for information about the fabric factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanh did not hesitate to contact and state the opinion on the fixing style separately. After a few days, she received the first order with positive feedback.

Joining the Facebook sales team makes it easy to reach customers. After a short time, her number of visitors is becoming more and more stable, especially women.

"After 2 years, I have many regular customers. Turnover in the first months of the year and the end of the year reached about VND 250 million per month. This is the number that when I began the business I had never dared to think," Trang shared.

In the coming time, she will develop more fashion design for mother and baby with unique criteria and good price.
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