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Do not let any disable people be left behind!

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The Hanoitimes - "We have to make sure people who are in difficult, vulnerable situations are helped so they can withstand the shocks of life, including natural disasters."
Friday Nwaigwe, head of UNICEF's Children for Survival and Development program, said at the United Nations Day of The Disables held in Vietnam in December 2.
The disabled are viewing the photo exhibit
The disabled are viewing the photo exhibit

Vietnam currently has nearly 8 million disabled people, accounting for 7.8% of the population, of which 1.2 million are disabled children. Most disabled people live a more difficult life and suffer from Agent Orange / dioxin.

According to Deputy Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Hong Lan, in recent years, with many efforts and determination, Vietnam has issued many policies, programs and actions to improve the quality of life for the disabled. Important contributions by the State, organizations, the social community, international organizations have also helped the disabled to live better lives.

Assistance and support for the disabled are always interested in Hanoi by policies and practical work to improve their lives. Hanoi Transportation Corporation put into operation 15 new buses under the European standard on Route 03 in order to improve the quality of public passenger transport of the Capital for the disabled. In particular, supporting for the disabled, Hanoi also built public toilets for the disabled.
The disabled always receive support in accessing services
The disabled always receive support in accessing services

Deputy Minister Dao Hong Lan said that in the immediate future, to implement international treaties and regulations on disability in the coming time, more efforts should be made by organizations, societies and communities so that the disabled can better integrate into the society.

Friday Nwaigwe said that it is important to continue to improve national and local capacity to better respond and prepare for natural disasters and emergencies. Because it causes children, people with disabilities lead to extremely difficult situation.

Transforming Vietnam into a sustainable, socially inclusive country must meet all the needs and challenges of the disabled and especially children with disabilities. People and agencies work together to build, implement and ensure innovative policies and solutions.
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