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Creating a non-smoking study environment

Updated at Thursday, 07 Dec 2017, 17:29
The Hanoitimes - On December 04, students at Yen Hoa High school was eagerly to join the education program of “Preventing the negative effect of cigarettes”.
The highlight of this program is that students to directly participate in creating scripts, leading stories, and assisting classmates in searching for information with regard to the negative effect of cigarettes. With this being said, the program has maximized the creativity of students, at the same time to create a friendly and attractive environment, so that students are more determined in creating a non-smoking study environment. 
Students performing dance on the education program.
Students performed a music performance on the education program.
Students at Yen Hoa High school had the opportunity to watch a history documentary on the development of the global tobacco industry, as well as the dangerous of smoking based on results of international researches. Before the education program, students were participated in a drawing competition on the negative effect of smoking. As such, the best drawings will be chosen for display and evaluation right in the stage and before all students on December 4. Through these drawings, students have transmitted meaningful messages such as “Cigarette: Silent killer”, or raising questions for smokers “What color do you want for your coffin”? Presentation skills are one of the important criteria to evaluate results among classes. 
Also in the education program “Preventing the negative effect of cigarettes”, students at Yen Hoa High school has had chance to look at the Law on Preventing the harm of Tobacco through multiple choice test. As such, questions and situations are set up by students themselves. On the other hand, teachers would give their opinions so that questions and answers are accurate. Besides, taking part in this education program, students can enjoy music performances and dancing transmitting messages on the harm of tobacco to human’s health. According to some students, the education program despite only taking place in a Monday activity, but has given students many useful information.  
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